Retirement Poems for Teacher: Happy Retirement Poems for Teachers

Poem for teachers from students

11) A talking encyclopedia

A walking library

A bookstore alive

A talking dictionary

A river of knowledge

A replenishing fountain

A teacher who is

One in a million

Happy retirement


12) A teacher’s retirement

Is a great loss

It can make a student’s life

Go for a toss

This is the condition

Of my heart too

After you leave

I will dearly miss you



13) You didn’t teach us from books

You taught us from your soul

In our lives you have played

A very important role

You didn’t just teach us from

What was there in our syllabus

You taught all those things

Which were important for us

Thanks so much for being

More than just a teacher

You have coached our lives

By being our mentor

Happy retirement


14) There are a hundred things

Running in my mind right now

For being the best teacher

I want to thank you and how

There are a thousand things

In my heart at the moment

I wonder why more time

With you I haven’t spent

There are a million things

That I want to say today

Dear teacher, you have changed

My life in many ways



15) Hats off to the way

You gave us motivation

Kudos to you for your

Endless persuasion

We can never find

Your replacement

We will miss you

After your retirement



16) All the years you spent

At this university

All the efforts you made

Have been worthy

Your students won’t forget

You until eternity

Even after you retire

They will miss you dearly



17) Dear teacher…

I want to reveal

A little secret

It will surprise you

Pleasantly, I bet

You are the one who is

My role model

You have always been

My ultimate idol

The day of your retirement

Is the perfect time to say

You are inspirational

In every single way

Happy retirement


18) You have no reason

To be sad today

You gave your students a lot

In every possible way

Go on, fulfill all your dreams

And your life’s desires

You have no reason

To be blue as you retire



19) Your family will be happy today

But we are definitely not

We don’t want to let you retire

Because we love you a lot

Your grandkids will be happy today

To finally have you back

But our life in school

Will completely lose track

Work’s routine will fade away

But we want you to remember

That you have always been

Our most favorite teacher

Happy retirement


20) Goodbye and congratulations

To you, my dear teacher

I don’t think I will ever find

A mentor, like you another

Best wishes and good luck

To you, my dear teacher

Thanks for being such a

Fantastic educator

Happy retirement