Birthday Poems for Sisters

Birthday Poems for Sister: No chance in hell you’re picking up a measly greeting card to wish your sister a Happy Birthday! Nope, the least you can do is dig deep into your memory bank and write a few sweet words. Think about all the fun memories you’ve shared. Think about how you’ve come along despite all the fights and the arguments. The love of a sister is irreplaceable, and you will only realize the value of this love when you and your sister start living apart. No matter where she is, it doesn’t take much to pen something down nice on a handwritten note. And no, you don’t need to be a poet to make a rhyme. Go with the flow and let your thoughts settle down into a short poem. Make sure you buy a nice birthday gift too! Brothers and sisters are special, and they go on to become your best friends… one of life’s biggest irony is that you realize this only in hindsight. Let your sister’s birthday be a reason to celebrate this bond. Pull out your childhood photos and tag her on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you do everything you can to remind her that no matter what, you’re always there.


1) A piece of my heart

A pillar of the family

A portion of my life

Literally, a slice of me

Not just a sister

My BFF, my bestie

You have always been

And you will always be

Happy birthday


2) Oh I remember, how we used to fight endlessly

As if we were destined to be enemies

Yet through the years, with you I share

Some of life’s best memories

We may fight and argue like cats and dogs

But no one can keep me sane like you do

Nothing in the whole world, nothing at all

Can come close to the bond I have with you

Going through life’s manic phases

In words, I just cannot be described

To see me through all the tough times

A sister like you, is what fate prescribed


3) Someone, who’s been with me always

Someone, who’s seen me at my worst

Someone, who’s always got my back

Someone, who when I’m sad, will know first

Someone, who knows what makes me tick

Someone, who can sense when I’m in doubt

Someone, who believes in me no matter what

Someone, who knows me inside out

That someone, I often take for granted

That someone, is an angel in disguise

A friend, a mother and much more

She is my sister, my life’s biggest prize

Happy birthday


4) Even though, we always fight

And I gotta admit, sometimes you are prolly right

Yes, I won’t deny, we always argue

Most of the times, it’s me vs you

But hey, no matter who’s right or wrong

I’ll always be there to sing your birthday song

Through thick and thin, through highs and lows

I promise, I’ll never let anyone dim your glow

Happy birthday sis


5) I feel embarrassed when I think

About all our childhood memories

Of what a crazy nut I’ve been

Almost like a hard to get rid of disease

Naughty, as a child I’ve been

The brunt of which, you’ve had to bear

But how you’ve stuck it out

Shows how much you truly care

Thank you for everything, seriously

There’s no way I’d have tolerated me

No wonder, how the world’s best sister

You’ve come to be

Happy birthday


6) Together, we share a room

Together, we let gossip bloom

Together, we look at the stars in the sky

Together, we laugh and cry

Together, we study and play

Together, we keep enemies at bay

Together, we learn and grow

Together, in happiness and sorrow

Happy birthday Sis

7) I’m thinking about all the memories we share

As one more year in your life, passes by

Looking back at the amazing bond that we have

Can’t help but burst into a smile and cry

I feel thankful, for all that we are

You’re not just a sister, but a true friend

I’m right here, by your side

Not today, not tomorrow, but till the very end

Happy birthday sis


8) You have always been

My inspiration

Don’t ever stop giving me

A daily dose of motivation

I fall flat on my face

When I try to be like you

Maybe I should realize

Cool cats like you are few

Happy birthday sis


9) Dear sister,

As you grow old

As you mature

Different experiences

As you endure

As you become an adult

And take bigger strides

For you I will have

Nothing but pride

Into the unknown future

Go boldly, have fun

A winner in life

I want you to be number one

Happy birthday

10) Happy birthday to the sister

Who is now a teen

Oh, and also the world’s

Biggest drama queen

Dull, would be life without you

Like paint without its sheen

Thank you, for being

My life’s happiness machine


11) When you were little

You were so naughty, my sister

Now you’re older and wiser

Still, no less of a twister

Not a day has gone by

When we haven’t argued and fought

But hey, that doesn’t stop me

From saying ‘I love you a lot’

Happy birthday sis


12) My smiles, my laughs

You are my happiness

Always there for me

You take away my stress

My friend, my buddy

You are all things nice

My sister, my sunshine

You are my life’s prize

Happy birthday

13) We may be sisters by birth

But we are friends by heart

We may be family by default

But we have been bffs from the start

We may be siblings, without choice

But we chose to be much more

Wish you a happy birthday sis

I love you from the core


14) The way you motivate me and help me out

Keeps me on my toes, up and about

The way you show me love and care

Shows me how important it is to share

The way you make sacrifices for me

Teaches me how from troubles, one should never flee

The way you are always there to give me a lift

Reminds me to get you an awesome birthday gift

Happy birthday sis


15) Dear sister…

It is hard to say how much I love you

You might not believe it especially since I fight with you

But no matter how much we quarrel, I still adore you

Even when we don’t speak to each other, I like you

For a lot of good things in my life

I want to say, I am grateful to you

I hope one day, you see through into my heart

And realize, how much I am fond of you

Happy birthday

16) Sometimes we fight like angry cats who scratch

Sometimes we act as if we are the perfect match

Sometimes we laugh like there is no tomorrow

Sometimes we cry as if our lives are full of sorrow

Sometimes we love each other dearly

Sometimes we hate each other severely

Thanks for all these ups and downs

Without them I wouldn’t have learnt to smile and frown

I love you, is what I want to say

Wishing my dear sister a happy birthday


17) Dear sister…

A tweet on Twitter

A post on Facebook

A pin on Pinterest

And on Instagram, your best look

A sweet greeting card

A cute handwritten note

A gift, of course

And a heartfelt quote

All this and a lot more

Is what I’m going to do

To wish a very

Happy Birthday to you


18) I once met a genie to whom

I said, hey mister

Do whatever you can, but give me

The world’s best sister

To have a sibling like you

I’ve always prayed

To this day, it has been

The best wish I’ve ever made

My life’s best feeling

Is when that wish came true

It’s the moment when

As a sister, I got you

Happy birthday

19) A sister, like no other

A sister, better than a brother

A sister, so clever

A sister, problem solver

A sister, so loving

A sister, always caring

A sister, so sweet

A sister, my heart beat

Happy birthday


20) No, not just because you’re my sister

That’s not the only reason why I’m glad

What’s more important, is that you

Are the best friend I’ve ever had

I can crib and complain all I want

About sharing with you, closet space

But tbh, without you my life

Would’ve been nothing short of a horrid maze

Happy birthday