Retirement Poems for Boss: Happy Retirement Poems for Bosses

Retirement greeting card farewell speech poem to boss from colleagues

Retirement Poems for Boss: Your boss’ retirement is the day when you will finally get to see the real human being behind the professional facade. You will suddenly see a mellow, funny and softer side to a strong individual who would otherwise be seen giving instructions and making decisions like a true leader. It is impossible to put a price tag on retirement because it is something that everyone looks forward to, after a lifetime of hard work. Acknowledge this momentous turning point in your boss’ life with your best wishes. Write inspirational quotes on a greeting card and give a proper farewell to your boss with a touching speech. If you had a special sense of respect and admiration for him or her, mark the occasion with a lovely retirement gift too.


1) It is time to bid adieu

To your cabin so plush

With happiness your life

Is now, going to be aflush

It is time to bid farewell

To every subordinate

And say hi to your family

For whom, it’s been a long wait

It’s time to say goodbye

To the corridors of power

Because you will be heading

To a life which is much better

Happy retirement


2) From the time we came to know

About your retirement, we all felt low

The day we saw you packing your things

We felt like someone cut off our wings

The office won’t just be sans a boss

Without your presence, we are all at a loss

We may have heard the formal announcement

But will never come to terms with your retirement


3) The corridors of this office

As you leave

Your retirement we will

Heavily bereave

To your elegant cabin

As you bid goodbye

Without you, we wonder

How we will ply

The management of the team

As you finally let go

We can’t help but

Feel very low



4) Your rules at work

Were followed until now

But it is time for

The tables to turn and how

Get ready to be told

How to spend your days

Be prepared to do

Just what your wife says

Happy retirement


5) You always inspired us

To push the limits of success

You always motivated us

To continuously progress

You always made us believe

That we were born for big things

You were the magician

Who gave us a pair of wings

As your retirement is here

We are feeling very blue

How can we not feel upset

To lose a boss like you



6) Boss…

This is your final farewell

To long and grueling flights

This is your last adieu

To sleepless and tedious nights

This is your parting note

To all things professional

As you welcome retirement

A phase of life, truly special

Happy retirement


7) All your life you put

Your dearest family

Along with your friends

On low priority

Now is the time to

Reverse that equation

By going out with loved ones

On a lifelong vacation

Happy retirement boss


8) Bosses who are deeply loved

Like you are very few

You retirement must be

A day of pride for you

You may leave the corridors

Of this company

But the wonderful memories

Will always stay with me



9) Today is a happy day

For your family

But that surely isn’t

The same case with me

As I have lost

The opportunity

To work with a boss

Who I respect so dearly

Happy retirement


10) Retirement is not

All about being sad

It is about appreciating

All that you have had

Retirement is not a sign

Of bringing life to a standstill

It is about doing things

As per your sweet will

So carry a smile

As you walk away

You have worked all your life

For this very day

Happy retirement