RIP Mom Poems: Funeral Poems for a Mother’s Death

RIP Mom Poems: Death is painful and there’s no such thing as a perfect goodbye, especially when it comes to a mother, the woman who gave birth to you. There’s no way you’ll ever be able to express neither at a funeral nor to yourself, the sadness is too deep to be put into words. We crafted this post to help you grieve… to help you understand your feelings and to help you remember what a beautiful, strong and amazing woman she was. Read on and engulf yourself with all the memories – from the times she sacrificed it all to the moment when she had your back. To all the sons and daughters our there – she wasn’t just your mother, she was your best friend. She may be gone, but everything she’s done will be a source of inspiration and motivation for the rest of your life. In life, many people will come and go… but no one like her. RIP ma


1) It hasn’t sunk in, not yet

Nope, I can’t believe you’re gone

In a complete state of denial, I am

I wish I’d never, woken up to see this dawn

But I know, I’ll have to move on

I know, I’ll have to let go of the pain

And rightly so, your life deserves to be

Celebrated, again and again



2) Sacrifices that had no end in sight

You made, without flinching an eyelid

Even when I went beyond our means

My smiles and happiness, you never forbid

Oh, the things you’ve done for me

Where did you find the energy to

If I had to live my life all over again

I’d want no one else but you



3) You pushed me to be the best I could be

Even when life was heaving down on you

Where did you ever find this strength

To not just keep fighting, but motivate me too

Courage, happiness, smiles and hugs

Are just a few things, that you never had in short supply

Such an inspiring legacy you’ve left behind ma

I’m smiling wide today, as I look to you up in the sky



4) You felt my anger, you heard me lie

You watched me let you down

You allowed me to go beyond your means

Even if your smiles disappeared into frowns

Mom, I don’t deserve to be the one

To give you the final goodbye

Yet, here I am, regretting all these years

That I made you sigh

Not all is lost, I know you’ll be watching

So picking up the pieces I am, starting today

Going to live a life, worthy of a mom like you

I’m gonna make you proud ma, in every way


5) Saying that I’m feeling sad

Would be a bit too shallow

Words just can’t explain

How I’m feeling, so low

Life has taken away

Someone so dear

It’s just not possible to imagine

That you won’t be near

Mom, this goodbye is going

To be painfully hard and long

But as you always said

I’ll try to be strong



6) A fighter, since day one

A survivor, till the very end

Not just a mother, you

Were my life’s best friend

My needs before yours

Always, it seemed to be

Words cannot be enough

For what you’ve been to me



7) I don’t know why

But I just can’t stop crying

I could fake it, to appear strong

But then I’d just be lying

Never, ever, have I gone through

A pain in my heart, so strong

Is this fair, I ask myself

Why me, this is so wrong

But as the cacophony in my mind subsides

Giving way, to a realize that you are

In a better place now, away from the suffering

With me in spirit, close but yet so far

You might be here, no more

But you’re listening, that, I know

I’m trembling, as I reign in my thoughts

Never, have I ever felt this low

I love you ma, RIP


8) I should be sad and heartbroken

But honestly, I’m not

Yes, you’ve been taken away

But it’d be selfish, if that was my thought

The things you’ve been through

You’ve endured, suffering and pain

No matter what I feel, there’s no way

I’d want you to go through that again

The heavens have spoken

The angels decided, it was time to go

I’m sad, I’m heartbroken… but in a better place

You are now, I know


9) From the heavens above,

I know you’re watching me

I know you’re around

I know, you’ll always be

Oh what I wouldn’t give

For that one last goodbye

A hug so long it’d never finish

Mom, forever, the twinkle in my eye



10) On one hand, I’m feeling shattered

Lost, like a little abandoned puppy

But on the other, I’m feeling at peace

Knowing you’re resting, away from the misery

As much as I, suffocate in this shock

Deep down, I know you’re in a better place

Life without you, I just cannot imagine

But at least, there’s no pain on your face

Rest in peace mom


11) When I was young I always believed

That once I got a job and moved out

I’d be independent, no need for family dinners

I’d be free, there was no doubt

Oh, how wrong was I

Yes, the first few years were liberating

The notion of freedom, was short lived

After that, the loneliness kicked in

Soon enough, I realized

All the freedom was absolutely worthless

If I didn’t have you to share it with ma,

I realized, your hugs were truly priceless

You are finally resting now, ma

But your voice, I will forever in my head hear

It’ll guide me through life, day after day

Reminding me how we are so far, yet so near

RIP mom


12) Never giving up, no matter what life threw

Fighting like a warrior, even when all odds were against you

Sometimes I even wonder how you, put up with me as a teen

A strong woman, like you I’ve never seen

Just sitting and watching you live your life, has taught me a lot

Learnings and inspiration such, from any book I’d never have got

I may be crying right now, but from within, a deep sense of satisfaction engulfs me

Thanking fate, for letting me grow up with the world’s best mommy


13) The stars will be twinkling tonight

The skies will be glowing today

The heavens will be happy

Their favorite angel is on her way

There’s no other person in the world

As loving and kind-hearted as you

Ma, I promise,

I’ll grow up to be one too



14) When it came to me

You made weak feel strong

You made doubt disappear

You made me make rights, my wrongs

Such a motivation you’ve been

Every single day of your life

I know who to look up to

When I go through strife

Not just a mother

A true inspiration, always and whenever

Death means nothing to me

In my heart, you’ve living on forever…

I love you mom


15) Through the toughest of times

You kept the ship steady

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from you

It is to stay strong and happy

From the deepest corner of my soul

I’m shivering, as I say my final goodbye

Thinking of the memories, can’t help but

Break into a smile, even as I cry

Maybe I’ll never be able to accept

That you’re gone, maybe I don’t want to

A part of you will always be here ma

Right here, in my heart which always belonged to you



16) Numb, I’ve gone from within

Shattered, broken and sore

Maybe the angels decided that need you

But mom, I needed you more

Lost, I am without you

No one will understand my pain

Rest in peace, mom, for one day

We will meet again

17) Here I am, saying my final goodbye

To the woman who sacrificed it all

Just so that I could have a better life

Giving it all up, before I could even crawl

Such a large heart, such a tender soul

Going through life, with laughs and smiles

Oh mom, to give you a hug one last time

I’d walk a million miles



18) In one life, it seems like you’ve lived a hundred,

Juggling work, family and everything that was thrown at you.

It wasn’t easy, I could see as I sat on the sidelines,

You could barely keep up, yet, you continued to push through.

From where you got all this strength, I’ll never understand,

How you kept up with the chaos, no one will ever find out.

No one will have as big an impact as you’ve had on my life,

Of that, there’s no doubt.

RIP mom


19) Off to the heavens

With a smile on your face

From pain, I seek solace

Knowing that you’re in a better place

Finally resting, finally asleep

Free, from all the pain

Missing you now, missing you forever

RIP Mom, until we meet again


20) Refused to accept that you were gone

Angry, at the heavens for taking you away

In denial, that I could never get a hug from you

Cursing life endlessly day after day

My state of mind, that was

Since the moment you left us

Coming to terms with reality

Was like being hit by a bus

As it sinks in, I realize how fortunate

I’ve been to have you as my mother

Life will go on, but an angel like you

There will never be another