Get well soon poems for friends

Sweet get well soon greeting card poem for friends

Get well soon poems: Make your friends feel better by writing the sweetest, funniest and the cutest quotes on a get well soon card. Your greeting should be bubbly enough to make your friend burst into a beautiful smile – the most important requirement for a speedy recovery. Visit your sick friend every day and keep sending texts so that your bff can keep up with all the latest gossip even in illness. Show the caring side of your friendship by making sure your friend has the latest movies and TV shows to keep busy while he or she is in the hospital. The healing touch of friendship is more powerful than any medicine a doctor can prescribe.


1) Whenever you are in pain and agony

I just want you to remember me

Close your eyes and think about the times

When we created memories so sublime

That is the beauty of friendship

It comforts when your health takes a dip

Sickness comes, sickness goes

But friends like me will always be close

Get well soon


2) Even though you who has a fever

I too, feel sick from within

Maybe it is because

Of our friendship’s bonding

I don’t just claim to be your friend

I am going to act the part too

I will do everything it takes

In sickness, to comfort you

So relax and focus on your recovery

Just rest easy and calm down

Whether it is night or day

I will always be around

Get well soon


3) From being with you all day long

To getting you your favorite movies

From calling you every single night

To sharing some of our best memories

Anything I can do to make you feel better

Just ask, please don’t hesitate

No favor is too small or too big

After all, I am your best mate

Get well soon


4) Hanging out at the mall

Going to the movies

Shopping up a storm

Solving life’s quirky mysteries

Going out for a drink

Dancing the night away

Having fun sleepovers

Gossiping night and day

All this cool stuff

Very soon, we will do

Because I am wishing

Get well soon, to you


5) Living a perfect life

Without any pain

Will never let you

Appreciate any gain

Living a carefree life

Without any agony

Will never let you appreciate moments

Happy and funny

I know you are going through

A tough time in your life

Look at it as God’s way of giving you

Happiness at the end of strife

Get well soon


6) I will constantly be in touch

With texts and Facebook pokes

I will make you smile

With silly banter and funny jokes

I will keep you company

By coming over every single day

I will make you feel better

By pampering you in every way

I will make you feel groovy

By playing your favorite music, so hip

I will keep you warm

With the blanket of my friendship

Get well soon


7) I know that illness can seem very scary

It can make you fret and worry

It can steal away, all your life’s merry

I want to say that I will be your fairy

I’ll be by your side to make you feel cheery

I’ll make sure you have a speedy recovery

After all, you are my favorite bestie

Helping you feel better will make me happy

Get well soon


8) Is this your way

Of getting me to call you every day

Is this your strategy

To make me feel a lot of sympathy

Is this your trap

To leave in my life, a gap

Is this your plan

To make me miss you during your sickness’ span

Is this your ploy

To rob me of all my job

Is this your scheme

To snatch away my life’s gleam

If it is, let me tell you

That you have been very successful

In making this friend feel

Lonely, sad and never cheerful

So please stop this drama

Feel better and get out of your phony illness

So friendship an infuse in my life

Lots of joy and happiness

Get well soon


9) You can be sick if you want

But don’t you dare atop sharing gossip with me

You can be bedridden if you like

But for our chats, you must spare some time free

You can go to the doctors whenever

You can take your medicines regularly

But let’s not avoid hanging out with each other

So at least I can see my buddy

Get well soon


10) Every day I miss you in school

Without you, nothing feels cool

Every day I miss you in class

All I do is keep staring outside the window glass

Every day I miss you in the playground

The outdoors seem boring, with you not around

Every day I miss you, my best friend

Your illness, I hope it quickly ends

Get well soon