Retirement Poems for Teacher: Happy Retirement Poems for Teachers

Sweet goodbye poem for teacher on retirement

Retirement Poems for Teacher: Your favorite teacher’s retirement is a chance to convey how much you have loved being his or her student. Regardless of whether you want to say congratulations with a happy smile or give a tearful farewell, take ideas from this post to write rhymes that will make for the perfect goodbye. Scribble your cute little poem on a handmade card. You can even post in on your teacher’s Facebook. Such sweet notes from students and colleagues go on to become lifelong keepsakes that teachers hold on to dearly. Teaching is a thankless profession and good teachers are hard to come by. Go on, make your teacher’s retirement the perfect ending to an inspirational life story dedicated to making the world a better place, one student at a time.


1) Your retirement has made

Everyone value you ever more

It has made us appreciate

The way you strengthened our cores

You are not just retiring

From your post, position or role

You are retiring as a teacher

Who inspired our souls



2) Unchartered journeys in life

You introduced me to

Less trodden paths of life

I found because of you

Unbelievable places in life

Because of you I could see

And unplanned successes

Also came to me

Unexpected things in life

Happened thanks to you

Teachers like you are gifted

Only to a lucky few

Happy retirement


3) Say goodbye to these corridors

Say goodbye to that lobby

Say goodbye to the cafeteria

Say goodbye to everything you see

Say goodbye to your classroom

Say goodbye to your chair

Retirement will bring sweet pain

Which you will love to bear

Happy retirement


4) Dear teacher…

What we will lose

Your family will gain

We will be the ones

Left in excruciating pain

But you will leave us

A precious legacy

By making us the best

Students that we could be



5) Dear teacher…

You are the one

Who gave me knowledge

You are the one

Who prepared me for college

You are the one

Who made me surge ahead

The spirit of excellence

In my soul, you have bred

I salute everything

That you have done for me

Seeing you retire and leave

I cannot bear to see



6) You listened

You motivated

You helped

You encouraged

You shared

You inspired

You gave us skills

That we desired

Your retirement

Leaves us shaken

As our best teacher

Has been taken

Happy retirement


7) Dear teacher…

You are not leaving us empty handed

You have already given us a lot

You have empowered us

With all that you have taught

It is time for you to enjoy the fruits

Of working hard for so many years

I wish you hearty congratulations

As your retirement day nears


8) Today is the day

When you retire and go

But there is something

I want you to know

Your wise words

Will always be

In my heart

Until eternity

Happy retirement


9) Now you don’t have to worry

About setting tests

Giving fair grades

Or being the best

Now you don’t have to bother

About taking classes

Waking up early

Or forgetting your glasses

In the book of your life

You begin a new chapter

Congratulations for your retirement

You’re my favorite teacher


10) I am happy I got a chance

To study under you

Students as lucky as me

In this world are a few

I am delighted that I got

Your help and guidance

For these are the values

That led me to excellence

Happy retirement