Retirement Poems for Teacher: Happy Retirement Poems for Teachers

Happy retirement card poem message for a teacher

21) Dear teacher…

Like a candle

That burns itself to spread light

You gave us everything

By working hard day and night

Just like flowers give away

Fragrance that they can’t smell

You have made our lives blossom

In way that words can’t tell

Happy retirement


22) Who will give me

A gift when I do well

Who will pat my back

When I excel

Who will scold me

When I do something incorrect

Who will applaud me

When my work is perfect

I will miss you

My dear teacher

Motivating and inspirational

Like you, there is no other

Happy retirement


23) No one can replace

Your position at school

Whoever even tries

Will be the biggest fool

For you, are the best teacher

Who doubles up as our guide

Post retirement, we will miss

Having you by our side



24) We don’t want to study

Under a substitute

Who doesn’t have

Your amazing attitude

Your retirement has come

As a really bad blow

It is a loss to our school

Is what we want you to know

Happy retirement


25) Without your wisdom

Students will go haywire

It will be total chaos

After you retire

Without your guidance

Students will be in trouble

Without your discipline

Classes will become a jungle



26) No more worries

About grading assignments

No more hassle

Of giving kids punishments

No more annoyance

Of planning new projects

No more scolding students

If their work is not perfect

After your retirement

All you have to do

Is to sip coffee

And look at the skies so blue

Happy retirement


27) I am proud to have

Inherited you legacy

Of having good

Ethics and integrity

My dear teacher

I am proud to tell you

That you will always be

My guide and my guru

Happy retirement


28) You will retire from school

But never from our consciousness

You will stop taking classes

But never stop giving us happiness

You won’t be available

Physically whenever we want

But this won’t deter us

Nor will it ever daunt

For we’ll claim our access

To you anytime and anywhere

Because we know that you

For us will always care

Happy retirement


29) The best is yet to come

In your life so worry not

Our wishes are with you

Because we love you a lot

The most awesome time

In your life is yet to be

For you have been the best

Teacher in the whole galaxy

Happy retirement


30) How happy you must be

To retire with a feeling of pride

With the good wishes of so many

Students and colleagues by your side

How satisfied you must be

To leave this building

After receiving so many thanks

And many warm feelings

How lucky you must feel

To leave behind your legacy

That will be cherished

By generations yet to be