RIP Poems for Dad: Funeral Poems for a Father’s Death

RIP Poems for Dad: We might claim that these sad and heartbreaking poems are befitting for the funeral of a father figure but we couldn’t be far from wrong. The truth is that nothing can express how anyone would feel at the loss of the man they lovingly called dad. If you have found yourself in this position, first of all, our deepest condolences. Hope that you find the strength to cope up with the loss, at least that’s what your dad would have wanted. Whether it is for yourself or for a friend who has to make a touching speech at a funeral, these short poems will help you relate to the inner feelings that you always had for your old man. Don’t copy these, just read them and reflect on the emotions make sense of what’s going on in your head. Stay strong and dedicate the most beautiful words that come straight from your heart… for the man who sacrificed it all for you. Make him proud, he’d be looking down from the heavens above.


1) Just one more time, I wish

I could hear your voice

Unfortunately, life hasn’t

Given me that choice

I feel lost and dazed

In memories, I seek solace

For your hugs, will forever

Be my happy place



2) Dad, I don’t even know where to begin

An endless pit, my life has been thrown into

My friend, my guide, my hero

Don’t know, what I’ll do without you

What a great human being you were

Not just I, everyone will remember

A tough road ahead, it’ll be ahead

Missed you will be, now and forever



3) I don’t think that even I

Will ever be able to comprehend

How deeply you loved me

Till the very end

A blessing, of the truest type

In your love, I have seen

Not just my father

But my greatest friend you’ve been



4) Never ever for a single moment in my life

Did I ever imagine, that I’d see this day

Guess there was never a moment that I thought

That destiny would take you away

I’ve been living a nightmare, not a life

Ever since that fateful moment

In my heart and in my soul

Your absence has left a gaping dent

Not just a father

But a hero to me every single day

My only prayer in life, is

With me forever, wish you could stay


5) Called away too early

By the heavens above

RIP, my dad, my friend

My true first love

Ripped away by fate

Torn apart mortally

Separated by death

But loving you eternally


6) I’d be lying if I said

That you were just my father

A friend, a supporter, a mentor, a coach

All this combined, unlike any other

Large-hearted and always there

That’s what you’ve been to me

Death may have taken you away

But in my heart, you’ll always be



7) Now I realize

What you taught me to be strong

Whatever I thought about your advice

Turned out to be wrong

It was for this fateful day

When you wouldn’t be there

That I’d be able to, for myself

Fend and take care

Sorry for misunderstanding

All your tough love, Dad

Your words were the best advice

I could’ve ever had



8) No one will ever understand

I don’t know where to begin

Since the day you were gone

I’ve been numb from within

Dad, you were more than a father

You were what no one else could be

Days and years may go by

But my hero, you’ll forever be


9) Sacrificing it all, always living for us

Providing and protecting, in every way

Taken for granted, for all these years

Yet you powered on, day after day

Despite the pain, only beautiful memories

Flash, when you come in my mind

Such is the beauty of life

And the legacy you leave behind



10) I’m lost and dazed

As life get tougher

Dad, I miss you now

More than ever

The pain inside me

Is bursting at the seams

Dad, I wish all this was

Just a bad dream



11) I’ve wished for a lot of things

All my life, up until now

My thoughts, since the day you left

Have changed and how

All I want, is to be with the man

In whose arms, I grew

All I want dad

Is one more day with you



12) Feelings, that makes my soul happy

Memories, that words can’t explain

Hugs, that still give me warmth

Thinking of which, I feel the pain

An abyss, is where I feel like I’m in

A void, life has been thrown into

Even silence, is painfully loud

Dad, what will I do without you


13) Life asked a lot from you

Yet, I kept asking for more

Now that I think about it

Shatters me sore

You sacrificed it all

Just to make me smile

Sorry, I didn’t realize this

Sorry, it took me a while

All that you have done

Waste, I won’t let it go

By being the best I can be

Is the only way it’ll show

Dad, your legacy

Will live on through me

From the heavens above

I know you’ll proudly see



14) As I write this today

My heart is shattered, broken

I didn’t just lose just my dad

My everything, he was my number one

Every single day he lived

His life through my eyes

For all his sacrifices

My smile was his biggest prize

Even half the human being that he was

Never, will I be able to be

From the heavens, I hope

My love for him, he still sees



15) I can’t even begin to explain

What it means to not have you around

It’s a frightening feeling

I feel like I’m being drowned

No more smiles, no more laughs

Happiness is a thing of the past

Why did fate have to take you away

Too soon, too fast



16) Why me, why me

I just can’t stop asking life

Taking my dad away

Putting me through this strife

Friend, mentor and hero

He was, not just my old man

In faith, I seek solace

Trusting, this was God’s plan


17) What I’m going through

It’s impossible to fathom

All of my life’s dreams

Have suddenly become numb

Can’t even begin to imagine

When I marry, that day

My dad, you won’t be there

To give me away



18) Taken away too soon

Life is cruel, now I know

My existence itself

Has lost its glow

Not just a human being

Not just a dad

The most precious person

My life’s ever had



19) Can’t help but smile

As I look back on the years gone by

Can’t help but smile

Even when the tears flow as I cry

Can’t help but smile

Even when I know we’ll never speak again

Can’t help but smile

Even when my heart is throbbing with pain

That’s the kind of amazing life

And upbringing you’ve given me

That no matter how bad a situation

The beautiful memories, I’ll always see



20) A gentleman, full of class

A friend, always a supporter

A man, always of his words

A father, unlike any other

A human being, always so helpful

A dad, beyond compare

A soul, always kind-hearted

An unsung hero, who’s always been there

RIP pop