Goodbye Poems for Friends: Farewell Poems in Friendship

Beautiful poem to say goodbye to friends

11) It’s not yet time

To say adieu

It’s not that moment yet

To be forever blue

It’s not that period of life

To be woebegone

It is in fact that time

To wait for a new dawn

When we will meet again

And our paths will cross

When joy will be restored

And we will feel no loss

Until then I will hold on

And dearly hang on to

Our friendship’s memories

Is my promise to you…



12) It is tough to say goodbye

Without heaving a painful sigh

It is painful to bid adieu

To such a dear friend like you

I wish your family wouldn’t move

Then we would continue to groove

But now that you are going away

I will miss you… day after day



13) My mouth utters a goodbye

But my heart does not agree

Now that you will be gone

I will be without company

As I scribble this poem

To wish you farewell

My heart begins to realize

That nothing’s going to be well



14) The city won’t be the same

In your absence my friend

How much I will miss you

Of that there is no end

As you move to a new place

And make it your own

You will leave me hanging

Miserable and all alone

At cafes, parks and malls

I’ll miss you, each and every instance

I wish you farewell and much

Good luck in abundance


15) I can’t believe you are going

You are leaving, it’s depressing

I am crying and whining

I am sobbing and howling

But I am not complaining

Because I am appreciating

That I am lucky to be having

A friend, so caring



16) I don’t want you to go away

While you leave me here

I am scared as the day

Of your departure comes near

To be strong and calm

I don’t want to pretend

Because the moment you live

My whole world will come to an end



17) To say goodbye

As you leave for college

Here I am

Trying to gather courage

I don’t know how

I will survive without you

I feel like enrolling

In the same college too

But since that is not possible

All I can do is wait

Until we are brought

Together again, by fate



18) You don’t have to explain

The cause for this awful pain

I know that you have to go

But I just want you to know

That I will remember you

Whether I am happy or blue

I will hold on to tightly

To our friendship’s memories



19) My goodbye to you

Is going to be grand

The reason for that

I’m sure you understand

You are my closest friend

That you very well know

How sad that will make me

To watch you leave and go

Tears, pain and tantrums

Will be a part of the grandeur

Of your farewell party

Of that I’m very sure

While others give you gifts

With smiles on face after face

I will ready myself for

My life’s loneliest phase



20) Won’t you miss me

Along with your home town

Won’t it upset you

Or put your spirits down

Won’t you miss your friends

Apart from your family

If yes, you can still cancel

Your plans to move to another city