Goodbye poems for boyfriend

Goodbye poem for love

Goodbye poems for boyfriend: Only a girl knows the bitter sweet pain of saying goodbye to her love. Whether it is for just a few months or a few years, the heartbreaking sight of watching her boyfriend walk away will rip through her heart like a dagger. You will be able to relate to these poems if your guy is going interstate for college, going away overseas for work or relocating to another city. Channel the sadness in your heart onto a paper by writing a touching farewell poem for your boyfriend. From the funny memories of your relationship to the desperation of staying apart, use words to express your heart. Give it to him when you hug him for the last time. Let him realize how much it is going to hurt you, spending all this time alone while you wait for him to come back and pick you up in his arms.


1) I will not allow

My tears to flow

I will not allow

My fears to grow

I will not let myself

Cry so much

I will not let myself

Miss your touch

For I know that you have

A goal and a purpose

You are going away

To make a life for us



2) If you had the slightest of ideas

Of how I will feel after you leave

You would cancel all your plans

Instead of letting me grieve

I will drown in a pool of sorrow

I will cry out in pain

Every day will be the same torture

Until you come back and hug me again



3) I don’t want to be pretend to be strong

I won’t stop myself from breaking down

I don’t want to put up a fake facade

I won’t hide the fact that in sorrow, I will drown

I can’t imagine not being able to meet you

I don’t want to think about not kissing you good night

Things won’t be the same once you leave

Loneliness will eat me up like a nasty termite



4) This goodbye won’t be

That excruciating

This separation won’t be

That agonizing

For I know it is

Just temporary

Within a few months

In your arms I will be



5) I am gloomy right now

But I will be happy again

Your departure will leave me

With a bitter sweet pain

Bitter because I hate

Staying away from you too long

Sweet because I know this distance

Will make us both strong

Bitter because this separation

Will make me insecure

Sweet because this distance

Will give me the power to endure

Bitter because this period will

Keep both of us away

Sweet because our passion

Will grow more and more that way



6) The meaning of saying goodbye

Is much deeper than it seems

It means that I will miss you

Even in my dreams

It conveys a feeling of emptiness

From deep within the soul

Inside the depths of the heart

It is strong enough to burn a hole

This is how I will feel

When I bid adieu

All I will be able to say

Is that I long for you



7) Boy, why do you have to leave

Can’t we work something out

Please don’t go away

Don’t leave my heart in a drought

I can’t imagine living every day

Without meeting you, kissing you

Every step you walk away from me

Will be a dagger piercing me through and through



8) I hate the word goodbye

Especially if I have to say it to you

It fills me with rage

Because it means you will be out of my view

Every day I spend, away from you

Will be frustrating and terrifying

Only you can save me from this agony

By saying – I won’t go, my darling


9) As you leave

You take with you

Many smiles of mine

And tears few

As you go

Where you have to

Don’t forget that I

Will always miss you



10) My watch will be

Ticking away

Waiting for you

Night and day

My pulse will be

Throbbing loudly

Waiting for you

To come back quickly

My heartbeat will be

On standby

Waiting for time

To swiftly fly

For me to be

In your embrace

Looking at your

Handsome face