Goodbye Poems for Friends: Farewell Poems in Friendship

Goodbye and farewell card poem for best friend

Goodbye Poems for Friends: The very thought of not having your bestie by your side is sad and heartbreaking. If one of your close friends is moving interstate, going overseas or relocating to another city – take ideas from this post to write the sweetest quotes on a farewell card. Your heartfelt wishes will be a source of strength and inspiration. Apart from the greeting card, whine out aloud on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to express how gloomy you are. Bring the saga to a pinnacle by dropping your friend at the airport so you can be with him or her till the very last moment. Hold back the tears, give a cute hug and watch your friend walk away so that both of you can clinch on to the beautiful memories of your friendship… no matter where you are.


1) I need a friend with whom

I can share every bit of my life

I need a friend with whom

I can sort out all my strife

I need a friend who can

Help me with a few chores

I need a friend who can

Heal me when I am sore

In my life, you are the one

Who plays these important roles

Your absence is going to leave

An empty spot in my soul



2) As soon as you get there

Don’t forget to call

If you can’t find a payphone

Post on my Facebook wall

Don’t hurry yourself

Relax and take some rest

But once you are up and about

Put up some pictures on Pinterest

Tag me in a few tweets

If you’ve got Wi-Fi

Have a great time traveling

My friend… goodbye


3) Saying goodbye to a friend

Is like stabbing yourself in the heart

And twisting the knife repeatedly

To almost tear it apart

Letting a friend leave

Is like walking over bits of glass

Knowing that life has

Reached its ultimate impasse

This is how I’ll feel

When you make your exit

I will miss you from the innards

Of my every living bit



4) To my dear friend….

I will think of you

When I go out to play

I will think of you

Every single night and day

I will think of you

When I go out for coffee

I will remember you

When I go to the movies

I will think of you

When I take the bus to school

I will remember that day

When we laughed like fools

Little things like these

I will forever cherish

Come back here soon

That is my only wish



5) Have an awesome trip

Miss me lots while you’re away

Send me tons of pictures

And cool selfies ever day

Forget all your worries

I’m here to take care of it all

Just enjoy each moment

Of your trip and have a ball

Don’t come back empty-handed

Bring me an amazing souvenir

I will be waiting eagerly

Just like always, right here



6) Our memories will play

Like a film reel

Whenever I will think

Of you a great deal

One happy scene

Will play after another

As I reminisce the time

That we’ve spent together

You will have gone far

But nostalgia will stay

Dear friend, I’ll miss you

In each and every way


7) Friendships never end

Due to time or distance

Stop thinking about this

Don’t worry even once

Friendship is never forgotten

Just because friends separate

Somehow, they are always

Held together by fate



8) Saying goodbye to you

Is like swallowing a bitter pill

It is like saying something

Which is against my will

But the show must go on

Life must continue

Even though your absence

Will make me miss you



9) As you begin

Your long journey

Don’t forget your friends

Especially me

As you travel

To different countries

Don’t forget

Your closest buddies

Travel safely

Have fun on the way

But most importantly

Don’t forget to call me everyday



10) How can I wave goodbye

To the other half of my soul

How can I bid farewell to a person

Who plays such an important role

How can I give a send-off

To a piece of my own heart

From you, my dearest friend

I can never really be apart