Goodbye Poems for Friends: Farewell Poems in Friendship

Touching farewell card poem message for friends

21) Don’t worry, my friend

We are moving apart

But our friendship

Is deep rooted in my heart

I have to take one path

While you pursue another

But we will meet soon

Let’s promise each other



22) We may have to stay apart

But you will always be in my heart

We may have to go separate ways

But I will miss you every single day

As we exchange our sad goodbyes

Let’s promise to never end our ties

I know that life must go on

But without you, I will be completely torn


23) Having to go separate ways

Must be in our destiny

I know things won’t be the same

But we will manage easily

With Facebook and WhatsApp

There is nothing to worry about

We will keep in touch everyday

Of that I have no doubt

With FaceTime and Viber

Our talks will continue

Although all this won’t

Stop me from missing you



24) Things around me

Won’t be the same anymore

Life is now going

To be such a big bore

Please don’t go

My heart is sore

Your absence is going

To cause a painful uproar


25) A lovely friend you have been

Among the best I have seen

The times I have spent with you

Have stuck in my mind like glue

Even as you move out from town

I will not cry, whine or frown

For I know that wherever you may be

You will always reach out to me



26) We have always been buddies

Despite our quarrels and fights

Going by this rule

An end is not in sight

Even when you are gone

I will call you to say

What you did wasn’t right

And mine was the correct way

Whether you come back

Or you aren’t here

As long as we keep arguing

We will always be near



27) Phase one is over

We are about to start phase two

This is time in our friendship

When everything will be new

We will be in different cities

But always together on the phone

We will do everything to make sure

That neither of us is alone



28) The only good part

About separating

Is that I will be

Desperately waiting

For us to meet

And have a reunion

I can imagine

It would be crazy fun

That is what I

Look forward to

It is, the only reason

I will tolerate missing you


29) Seeing you in person

Will be replaced by the phone

Hanging out with you

Will be replaced by being alone

Gossiping with you

Will be replaced by boredom

Running errands without you

Will become lonesome

Instead of pouring my heart to you

I’ll now have to bottle up everything

Staying away from you is like

How a bird would feel without wings



30) To my dear friend…

I don’t want to be alone

And endure pain

I don’t want to say goodbye

I want to see you again

I don’t want to let you go

I want you by my side

I don’t want to lose you

With you, I want to stride

No matter how long you are

Going to be away

Just remember that I will

Wait for you every day