Birthday Poems for Colleagues

Sweet birthday poem for colleagues and co-workers

Birthday Poems for Colleagues: Most people wish their colleagues by sending short emails, texting funny quotes or posting their wishes on Facebook. Do something different and write a sweet rhyme on a greeting card to say happy birthday to a special co-worker. You can even use it in a speech when everyone in your office gathers around for a birthday celebration. Cute gestures like these go a long way in boosting workplace relationships. This seemingly cheesy effort will make a visible impact on the attitude that colleagues brings to the office every day. So shed the cold professional facade for a day and use your creativity to come up with a poem that goes viral at your workplace.


1) The most cheerful colleague

Deserves the happiest greetings

The most patient colleague

Deserves warmth in celebrating

The most helpful colleague

Deserves the a generous party

The most efficient colleague

Deserves the perfect revelry

And for us, since you’ve been

All of the above

We promise to give you

All of these with tons of love

Happy birthday


2) There is one person in the whole office

Whose smile in the morning, I can never miss

There is one person in the whole department

Whose perfect decisions leave no room for argument

There is one person in the core project team

Whose determination and focus is something extreme

There is one person among all my colleagues

Whose positive attitude drives away all types of fatigues

That one person is none on but my dear friend – you

Your presence makes work come alive, it’s true

Happy birthday


3) The real formula for success

Doesn’t include worries and stress

But it surely includes having the support

Of colleagues who are a good sport

I have been very luckier than the rest

To have a colleague, who is just the best

For all the progress that I have achieved

And for all the commendations I have received

You are the person, I always have to thank

You are my idea bank, and the company’s think tank

Happy birthday


4) From office politics and manipulative behavior

You are my true savior

From meeting room blunders and bad decisions

Your guidance and advice is the best prevention

For efficient performance, quarter after quarter

You are my true motivator and supporter

For performance appraisals and promotions

Your presence is the perfect supervision

I mean it, not saying it to make you feel better

Happy birthday, to the best colleague ever


5) As your colleagues, we can go on and on

To tell you how much we admire you

But that long story will make you yawn

So we will summarize, in lines a few

The truth is that every worker around here

Thinks that you are the only guy

Whose principles and ethics are never bent

Everyone sees you as their friend and ally

Happy birthday


6) Working with you every day

Makes coming to office worthwhile

When there’s no reason to be happy

You give me a reason to smile

Dealing with problematic situations

Becomes easier with you around

For a dear friend in you

I have luckily found

The birthday of such a pal

I can’t miss at any cost

Thanks for being so nice to me

Without you, I would be lost

Happy birthday


7) Co-worker, friend and mentor

Guide, advisor and supporter

These just a few different names

For a colleague who tames

All the problems that arise at work

By finding solutions without going berserk

So let’s celebrate the birthday

Of the man, who truly keeps troubles at bay

Happy birthday


8) I wish that this year

Is a golden year for you

In which your personal

And professional dreams come true

I wish it brings many perks

And promotions unexpected

Along with recommendations

That you’ve always wanted

As new dreams and ambitions

Replace the older ones slowly

As you climb the ladder of success

Don’t forget old colleagues like me

Happy birthday


9) With a chirpy and happy colleague like you

Whose excessive enthusiasm, is a complete mystery

The feared Monday morning blues

Have become a thing of the past, a history

With a colleague like you who will always think

Of fun ideas that make office parties warmer and cozier

The highly anticipated Friday evening drinks

Have become trendier and merrier

Happy birthday


10) You have always inspired me

Not just because you are a senior

But because of your spirit

To always do better

I consider myself lucky

To have watched you from close

I am glad you are the one

As my mentor who I chose

I wish that I too can

Be successful like you one day

And emulate your winning traits

In each and every way

Happy birthday