Birthday Poems for Colleagues

Inspirational birthday card poem for colleagues

11) You are a colleague

Who is a ball of energy

Who gets everyone enthused

And makes the atmosphere cheery

Whose charm is unmatched

Who carries a passionate demeanor

Who has dreams to accomplish much

Whose ambitions never waver

Who rubs off positivity

To everyone else on the way

We all gather in wishing you

A very happy birthday


12) Sometimes I don’t like you

Because the boss keeps comparing us two

But I have great respect for you

Because I have someone to look up to

Sometimes I don’t like you

Because it is you, who always has solutions new

But I have great respect for you

Because you give me credit, even when it is not due

Sometimes I don’t like you

Because you advice is never wrong and always true

But I have great respect for you

Because awesome colleagues like you are few

Happy birthday


13) Monthly targets and performance reports

Become easy with colleagues like you

Whose commitment never falls short

Of being extraordinary, through and through

Lunch breaks and office parties

Become fun with colleagues like you

Whose enthusiasm for group activities makes

Even boring events something to look forward to

Happy birthday


14) The definition of a colleague

You have redefined

To office politics and lies

You have acted blind

You have pushed the boundaries

In each and every way

And helped others even when

You are having a bad day

Treating others’ success as your own

Is what you have shown by example

I feel blessed to have

A colleague who is so special

Happy birthday


15) I am lucky to have joined

An office that has you

If I was employed someplace else

I would really have been blue

My job and my profile

The reason I appreciate

Is because I have found in you

A wonderful workmate

It often makes me wonder

If it wasn’t for your presence

Working here may have been

A disappointing experience

Happy birthday


16) The best thing about waking up each day

Is looking forward to the way

You make coming to the office seem fun

Although we have tons of work to get done

You are the only reason my job is amazing

And every day in the cubicle is worth celebrating

So here’s a toast to your undying positivity

Working without you would be a complete tragedy

Happy birthday


17) Tough deadlines don’t matter

Incomplete projects don’t bother

As long as you and I

As a team, are together

On each other’s strengths

We know how to play

From each other’s weaknesses

We know how to stay away

Cheers to such an amazing colleague

Without whom work would be dull

There would be no jokes or pranks

Everything would be in a lull

Happy birthday


18) There is no spec of doubt

There is no trace of worry

There is no mark of distrust

Or suspicion in me

That no one in the world

Can have a colleague as amazing as you

No matter how blessed anyone is

Lucky ones like me are few

Happy birthday


19) We work very hard

We party harder together

There is nothing for which

We are not there for one another

We attack big deadlines

We clinch those big contracts

We do everything that

Generates a positive impact

A colleague and a friend like you

I would never have been able to find

Cheers to you on your birthday

It is time to forget work and unwind

Happy birthday


20) Looking at my watch

Has now become history

Yawning away in my cubicle

Is replaced with lots of energy

Gone are the days when I

Treated work like a chore

Now I don’t see work as

A tedious task that is a bore

And the credit goes to you

For making this happen

You are a friend and a colleague

A perfect two-in-one

Happy birthday