Birthday Poems for Colleagues

Birthday card poem for office colleagues at work

21) This birthday message is for someone

Who gets all the work around here done

This birthday card is for someone

Who is terrific at work, second to none

This birthday celebration is for someone

Who makes every day at work so much fun

This is the birthday of someone

Who deserves good wishes, by the ton

Happy birthday


22) Just because you are

A professional in a suit

Just because you have

The responsibility to recruit

Just because you have been

Vested with the power

Of hiring an applicant

Now or maybe never

Don’t think that we can’t

Pull you aside today

And ask you to treat us

In the most luxurious of ways

Happy birthday


23) Usually when people post Facebook profile pictures

They post snaps with friends, families or selfies

But I have posted our picture together

Because with you, I have lots of memories

Whether we are in the office or outside

You are like my bestie

I hope you have an awesome party today

I will kill you if you don’t invite me

Happy birthday


24) Lunch breaks at work

Without you, would be so humdrum

Work parties

Without you, would be lifeless and glum

After work drinks

Without you, would be no fun

If I enjoy someone’s company

You are the one

As you welcome another phase

In your life this year

I wish you

More and more success, my dear

Happy birthday


25) Work is not just about being a great employee

Work is about being a great colleague too

If employees don’t know how to do that

They should learn a thing or two from you

You have been more than a co-worker

Who has helped me in just about everything

Whether it is about problems at work or in life

You have a solution for just about anything

Happy birthday


26) I have learnt how to think unconventionally

Thinking out of the box, you have taught me

I have learnt to deal with tough problems

By keeping your suggestions at my strategies’ helm

I have learnt to pitch my ideas well

You have taught me how to convincingly sell

So as you usher yourself into life’s new year

I hope that you continue mentoring me forever

Happy birthday


27) Whenever I look back on my professional life

I have happy memories

Whenever I think of the times I have spent in office

I recall our hilarious oddities

The reason I have a smile on my face

When I look back on my career, is you

I wish you a have a great day today

And a fantastic future, as you welcome a year new

Happy birthday


28) Colleagues are many

And friends are few

But I’ve found both

In one person which is you

It is one thing to be helpful

But you go much beyond

We have much more than

Just a professional bond

To the colleague who has

Come to be my close friend

Lots of good wishes

I want to send

Happy birthday


29) On your birthday I make a wish

That one day you own your own company

And instead of being your colleague

I become your partner, buddy

Then we can take over everyone else

And become very prosperous

We will make such a great team

That everyone else will be envious

Happy birthday


30) More than my boss’ angry loud voice

More than the client’s rejection

More than getting a firing from my manager

More than getting a promotion

I would be more worried if

I didn’t have you in my team

Among everyone I have worked with

My dear colleague, you are the cream

Happy birthday