Thank You Poems for Colleagues: Notes to Say Thank You

Sweet thank you note poem for colleagues and co-workers

Thank You Poems for Colleagues: If you spend a minimum of eight hours a day at work, you are literally spending a third of your life with your colleagues. The bond that you share with your co-workers needs to be nurtured just like the ones that you share with your friends and family. Whether it is after a promotion or a busy end of month – spare a moment to think about how you can make an ordinary day special by writing a sweet note for your co-workers. Choose words which will convey the gratitude you have in your heart for having supportive colleagues in the office. You will be able to relate to the short rhymes in this post because they reflect back to the emotions that flow in most workplaces. Take ideas and create your own cute little quote or a funny text message to say thank you to the people on whom you depend to get work done.


1) Although I haven’t had a chance

To be mentored by you per se

There is a lot I learn

By watching you every day

The way you organize your desk

To the way you deal with people

Every small thing about you

Makes you a thorough professional

Thanks for secretly showing me

What makes a successful career

Not everyone is lucky as me

To have you as a co-worker


2) When a colleague becomes a best friend

Office becomes fun to no end

When a colleague becomes a true mate

There are always reasons to celebrate

When a colleague becomes a mentor

There are new opportunities to consider

When a colleague becomes an ally

Bad times begin to fly

By having a colleague like you

For me, all these things have come true

Thank you


3) For making every meeting

Totally stress free

For making every coffee run

Full of memories, so happy

For making tough deadlines

Easy and breezy

For making every day at work

Absolutely worthy

Not just for being a great colleague

Thanks for being a great buddy


4) Malice, manipulation and trickery

Has never been your style

In fact you have done everything

To make everyone else smile

Fraud, lies and deception

Have never been your forte

Colleagues you are rare

They don’t come around everyday



5) Whether I am confused

Or emotionally diffused

Whether I have an anger fit

Or I have lost the best of my wit

Whether I’ve done a job well

Or on my mistakes I choose to dwell

Whether I am basking in praise

Or going through a terrible phase

You have been though it all with me

Thanks for everything buddy


6) There have been many times

When I have erred

Many important deadlines

That I have feared

There have been occasions

When I have been clueless

Being buried in complexities

And confusion, so endless

In all these moments

When I’ve not known what to do

You are the only one

Who has come to my rescue



7) You bring out the best in me

By pushing me to my limit

You force me to perform

By throwing challenges bit by bit

No matter how tough things are

You urge me to do better

No matter how small they may seem

You support all my endeavors

Thanks for being so supportive

So compassionate and helpful

You are the reason work hasn’t become

A rigmarole which is painful

Thank you


8) After working with

A string of ordinary colleagues

I finally got a workmate

Who was in my league

Work ceased to be boring

It became challenging instead

The race was to emerge as

Number one and march ahead

But I’ll always be thankful to you

For competing in a healthy way

May we always bring out the best

In each other every day



9) My memories of work will include

Not just parties or celebrations

Not only our team’s achievements

Or my personal ambitions

My memories of work will always

Be smeared with your presence

Because I will never be able to forget

A colleague who I respect in abundance

Thank you


10) I thought I had enough power

To surge ahead on my own

In the journey of my career

I never knew I would get lone

I thought I was self-sufficient

Like a one man army

Able to get through anything

That life threw at me

But then I realized

That without your presence

I wouldn’t have made it big

Nor would be victorious even once

It’s only because of you

That I have tasted success

Without your help and support

I would’ve failed, that I confess


Poem to say thank you and show gratitude to colleagues

11) Precious, priceless and invaluable

You are a colleague so special

Worthy, admirable, marvelous

You are an idol for all of us

Amazing, respectable, honest

By far, you’ve been the best

Thanks for being a great co-worker

Like you, there is no other

Thank you


12) It is tough to be inspired

To get up every day

From the comfort of a cozy bed

Into a routine straight away

But I am an exception

To this daily torture

Because coming to work

Means spending time together

With a colleague like you

Who converts daily drudgery

Into a day filled with laughter

Full of fun and festivity



13) Catfights, jealousy and competition

Would have no chance of survival

If everyone had a colleague like you

So wonderful and special

Quarrels, pretence and deceit

Would have no existence

If everyone had a workmate like you

Full of genuine jubilance

Thank you for making my work space

Free of these unnecessary evils

You are the reason why

My job is free of certain perils


14) After so many months at work

I have finally understood

The meaning of a great colleague

By me, who has always stood

After meeting a variety

Of co-workers, good and bad

I have realized that you are

The best one I’ve ever had

Thank you


15) When I look back on

The memories I’ve created

The people at work I’ve loved

And the things that I’ve hated

There’s only one thing

Which is common amongst all

That you’ve always been there for me

Making my work-life a ball



16) I’ve had your support

In every endeavor

In times of dilemma

We’ve been together

I’ve had your go-ahead

In every professional aspect

By correcting my errors

You’ve always made me perfect

I thank you not just because

You’ve helped me as my senior

But also because in my tough times

You are always here



17) The best part about being

With an awesome colleague like you

That even a boring job

I’d want to continue

The coolest thing about having

An amazing colleague like you

Is that even the thought

Of overtime doesn’t make me blue



18) I wouldn’t have been able

To strike a work-life balance

I wouldn’t have been able

To stop being so stressed and tense

I wouldn’t have been able

To spend enough time with family

If you hadn’t pulled me up

And helped me to maintain my sanity

If not for you I would have

Still been a workaholic

Thanks for showing me the right way

And making my work life so fantastic


19) There are reasons why I wouldn’t mind

Letting go of a really good perk

Rather than losing a colleague

As wonderful as you at work

I wouldn’t even mind

Passing up an opportunity

If I got to know that you aren’t

In the same team as me

This goes to show

Your value in my work-life

Your presence keeps me trudging along

Whether in success or in strife

Thank you


20) There’s more between us

Than just an easy camaraderie

A lot more than mere

Fun and revelry

Our relationship goes

Much further and beyond

Over time it has become

An endearing bond

I hope this is the way

We keep moving ahead

For working without you

Is something I would dread


Thank you poem for colleagues and co-workers

21) When the going looks tough

When problems seem enough

When difficulties seem to stack

When there is no looking back

When deadlines seem to pile

When there is no reason to smile

One person becomes my savior

And that is a colleague like you, so dear

Thank you


22) There is no job in this world

That you don’t do well

Whether it is being a dad

Or having something to sell

For doing everything brilliantly

Ten on ten is what you score

Including being the best workmate

Without whom office is a bore



23) Your enthusiasm is

So supreme

Working with you

Is like a dream

Your courage provides

Much motivation

Your perseverance is

An inspiration

Your attitude is

Strong and invincible

Your determination is

So unbreakable

I am thankful for having

You as my colleague

Without your presence

My work-life would be under siege


24) Exemplary is the word

To describe your accomplishments

Spectacular is the word

To describe your achievements

Too good is the right phrase

To describe your professional feats

Irreplaceable is the word for you

To this office, you’re a treat

But if you want to really know

What you mean to me personally

You aren’t just my workmate

But a lifelong buddy



25) Everyone admires you at our office

Because in your heart, you have no malice

But I admire you for more reasons than that

Because you are so skilful, you wear so many hats

Thank you for showing us, the best colleague how to be

To get one like you in my career, I consider myself lucky