Birthday Poems for Brother

Cute birthday greeting poem for brother

11) Coming home from school everyday

Saying anything that I wanted to say

Playing outside in the sun all day long

Learning from you, how to be strong

Bonding with you as if we were best friends

Fighting and arguing with you to no end

Aspiring to be like you when I have grown

Looking up to you as the best bro I’d known

These are all the wonderful memories

That have shaped my life’s destiny

For such an amazing ride, I thank you

For giving me life’s best possible view

Happy birthday bro


12) No matter how much we fight

Or stop talking to each other for days

To show our love for one another

We both have our own ways

No matter how much we argue

Or yell, throw tantrums and bicker

We both know that we will

Always be there for each other

Happy birthday bro


13) Bro, you are the umbrella

That shields me from hail, sun and rain

You are the healer

Who helps me deal with life’s pain

To me, you are more than just a brother

You are also my best friend

Thanks for your selfless love and affection

To which, there seems to be no end

Happy birthday


14) The reason my childhood memories

Are so perfect and pristine

The reason why happy and joyful

My childhood has been

The reason why I’ve never had

Trouble growing up in life

The reason I’ve not faced

Too much teenage strife

Is because I have had

A wonderful brother like you

Who has not just given me happiness

But unconditional love too

Happy birthday bro


15) Little brothers are like flowers

With praise, you need to give them a shower

They require constant care

And for them, you always need to be there

Little bro, you are my precious one

Today for you, I have planned a lot of fun

As you turn a year older

I wish you a happy birthday my little soldier


16) You are the ideal brother

My perfect fit

With any other person

I wouldn’t have survived one bit

We are the perfect sibling pair

No two people can have a bond so strong

Nothing can ever keep us apart

Because in your life, my happiness belongs

Happy birthday


17) Whether I’ve stepped on you

Or pulled you up for no reason

Whether I’ve yelled at you

Or without you, had some fun

Whether I’ve used your things

Or got you into trouble

Whether I’ve fought with you

Or treated you as less special

Despite all the petty fights, I want you

To know that you will always be

My little brother

Who is just too dear to me

Happy birthday


18) Dear little bro

You are such a pro

At winning my heart

And making me miss you when we are apart

I will always love you

And you better love me back too

May things between us always be this way

Is what I wish on your birthday today

Happy birthday


19) Some people say that we are the same

Some people say that we are different

Regardless of what anyone has to say

We are blood brothers, and that is permanent

Some people say that we fight a lot

Some people say that we constantly argue

But despite the drama we eventually patch up

Unbreakable, is the bond between me and you

Happy birthday brother


20) You and I

Are like bread and butter

Always stuck to

One another

You and I

Are like salt and pepper

Wherever we go

We are together

You and I

Can’t do without each other

The best pair

Of a brother and sister

Happy birthday bro