Birthday Poems for Brother

Sweet birthday card poem for brother from sister

21) Through thick or thin

May you always win

Through storm or calm

May my love be your healing balm

Through night or day

With one another, may we always stay

Through grief or joy

May you breeze through, birthday boy

Happy birthday bro


22) Because of you

My childhood was a blast

Because of you

My life has had such a wonderful past

Because of you

I have memories that will last

Because of you

The happiness in my life is so vast

Happy birthday little brother

You are growing up fast


23) Naughty, wild and unruly

My childhood’s dominant memory

Wisdom, counsel and guidance

Overarching my adolescence

The struggles that we withstood

Underlined all of my adulthood

My life turning out as a happy journey

Without you, a sheer impossibility

Happy birthday bro


24) I have always had

The undying temptation

To imitate your way of life

Since you are such an inspiration

I have always seen in you

Stuff that others couldn’t, so unique

Tips and advice from you

Is what I constantly seek

I hope you see how special

To me, you really are

Bro, you are my idol

You are my life’s superstar

Happy birthday


25) Watching shows on TV

Is no fun without you

When you’re not around

I miss the way we argue

Beating your score in a game

Has always made me day

But I’ve been missing that

Since the time you’ve been away

All our memories as brothers

On your birthday, as I recall

I realize it’s because of you

That my life has been such a ball

Happy birthday


26) Brothers and sisters

Are like black and white

Complete opposites

Who always fight

But at the end of the day

They come together

Because they are incomplete

Without each other

Happy birthday


27) In life, to seek help from others

I’ve never had the opportunity

And for that I consider

Myself to be very lucky

The reason for it being

That with a brother like you around

I’ve had all the advice I could ever need

To make my life happy and sound

Happy birthday bro


28) It is your birthday

I cannot wait to say

How awesome I think you are

My little shining star

You are a bundle of joy

Like a cute and cuddly toy

I love you, my little bro

Is what I want you to know

Happy birthday


29) Every time when mom and dad couldn’t see

The point I was trying to make

I knew you would understand me

And the things I was about to undertake

It’s true, I owe you a lifelong debt

For all the support, and being my life’s canopy

As a brother, you have gone above and beyond

You are the angel who has always looked out for me

Happy birthday


30) As you turn a year older

As you get a bit wiser

Smile, and say cheese

So that I can freeze

Yet another memory

In our life’s awesome story

Not just as brothers

But mates, unlike any other

Happy birthday