Birthday Poems for Brother

Bestest birthday card poem to a brother from a sister

Birthday Poems for Brother: All your brother’s friends are going to wish him a Happy Birthday by sending sweet texts, cute Facebook posts, funny quotes and messages on WhatsApp. How are your wishes for your bro going to be different from the lot? Take ideas from this post to write your own short poem on a lovely little handmade greeting card. It doesn’t matter whether you are no longer the peppy sibling pair that you once were as children. No matter where life takes you and no matter who you are with – the special connection with your brother is a bond that will never wither away with the sands of time. Regardless of how old you are, your brother’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to cherish some of the beautiful childhood memories.


1) We are connected

Not just because of biology

In spite of being siblings

There is another analogy

In each other, we both

Seek support and strength

To bail one another out

We will go to any length

It’s almost as if we have

The same line of thought

Bro, I want to proudly say

That I love you a lot

Happy birthday


2) You may be just one person

But many entities for me

From a trusted advisor

To my best buddy

You are one individual

But you encompass my universe

Without you, dear bro

My life would be a curse

Happy birthday


3) Today there is something special in the air

Something extraordinary and beyond compare

Because today is my brother’s birthday

Who is special to me in every way

His presence in my life means the world to me

Pain or suffering in his life, I can never see

Like the undying and eternal sun’s rays

I will be there for him, forever and always

Happy birthday


4) Dear brother…

No matter how much others applaud

I can never feel happy until I get your nod

No matter how much praise others shower

Only I know the secret source of my real power

Which is how you have stood by me, always

And paved the way for many a happy days

Thanks for showing me brotherly love

You are an angle sent from the heavens above

Happy birthday


5) Sometimes you nag me like a mother

Sometimes I dislike your blabber

Sometimes you tell me off like a father

Sometimes I like hanging out together

Sometimes you counsel me like a sister

Sometimes I hate that you are so clever

Sometimes I see you as my life’s treasure

Happy birthday, to my all-in-one brother


6) We are poles apart as people

But as brothers we are the same

It’s because we have a special bond

Not just because of a common last name

We may have different choices

But our voice is unanimous

Irrespective of our differences

It is never about you or me, always us

No matter how rigorously we

Disagree on petty issues

Whenever you need me

You know I will be there for you

Happy birthday


7) I have always thought that I

Would have to look after you

Since I am the older brother

I would have to pamper you too

But as we grew up I noticed

That the opposite was happening

You were the one who was

Doing all the pampering

I feel a sense of pride

To see you all grown up this way

May you outgrow me in every manner

Is my wish on your birthday

Happy birthday


8) I wouldn’t be able to make do

Without guidance from you

I wouldn’t be able to see

What life had in store for me

If you had not been around

My life wouldn’t have been sound

Thanks for always watching over me

Successful, I always want you to be

Happy birthday bro


9) From the day I helped

Mom to change your nappy

I knew you would

Make me nothing but happy

From the day I taught

You how to walk

I knew you would

Make my life rock

I feel nostalgic as we

Celebrate your birthday

I am so proud of you bro

Is all I want to say

Happy birthday


10) Is it strange that sometimes I hate you

From the bottom of my heart

And sometimes I love you, as if

We have been BFFs from the start

Forgive me for all the times

My anger gets the better of me

There is nothing but brotherly love

In my heart for you, I hope you can see

Happy birthday bro