I love you poems for brother

Sweet I love you poem for brother

I love you poems for brother: Some of the best childhood memories are anchored by the time spent with brothers, sisters, mom, dad and the family. These are the simple times that are swept away when life’s tide brings responsibilities aplenty. The relationship between brothers and sisters is a funny one. They fight like cats and dogs but when the dust settles, deep down in their hearts they know that they will always be there for each other. If you have grown up with a brother by your side, don’t forget to acknowledge how much his presence means in your life. Take ideas from these short poems to write your own rhymes that ooze sweetness and cuteness in every word, every line.


1) Happy memories of childhood

Sweet nostalgia of my teens

With you around by my side

The best of life I have seen

So much happiness

I owe to you, dear bro

I am indebted to you for life

Is what I want you to know

I love you


2) I annoy you on Facebook

I poke you with irritating tweets

But at the end of the day

I still find you sweet

I get you into trouble

With mom and dad

But at the end of the day

I am glad you are the bro I had

I love you


3) I love you not just because

You helped me to tie my shoelaces

I also love you because

You always put a smile on my face

I love you not just because

You always shared your candy

I also love you because

You did everything to make me happy

I love you not just because

You are my older brother

I also love you because

Like you there is no other


4) You are the safety vault

That stores all my emotions

You are the lock and key

That safeguards my aspirations

You are the treasure chest

Brimming with our fond memoirs

You are the personal diary

Filled with secrets, only ours

You are the precious box

More treasured than riches

With this poem, I send you love

Along with hugs and kisses

I love you bro


5) Childhood without you

Would have been shallow

Preteen without you

Would have been so hollow

Teenage without you

Would have been a wild goose chase

Adulthood without you

Would have been a tough race

Brother, when I see my life

With a bird’s eye view

I feel thankful for the fact

That I’ve always had you

I love you


6) Brothers become stand-ins

When best friends ditch you

Brothers become replacements

When you want friends new

Brothers become substitutes

When you need a helping hand

Brothers are second names

For a magic wand

Brothers become proxies

During the absence of a soul mate

I am proud that I have a brother

With whom I share my fate

I love you


7) Our quarrels are endless

But our love is endless too

Even if we fight every day

In the end, I still love you

Our arguments are never ending

But so is our fondness

In the end, we will always be

The reason for each other’s happiness

I love you bro


8) Playing stupid pranks

Has always been easy

For you have always been there

To rescue me

Making silly mischief

Has always been enjoyable

For you have always been there

To bail me out of trouble

I love you


9) My brother, my support

My ultimate champion

If someone has inspired me

You are that person

My brother, my heart

My strong backbone

As long as you are there

I can never be alone

I love you


10) You are God’s exquisite gift

Meant only for me

An extremely special person

You will always be

You are destiny’s way

Of giving me everything

Without you dear bro

My life would be nothing

I love you

Cute poem about brothers

11) Brothers fight and bicker

But their love never flickers

Brothers quarrel and hate

But their love never abates

Brothers get upset and jealous

But they never create a fuss

Brothers try to outdo one another

But they always stand by each other

I love you


12) Of each other

We are the opposite

But to be brothers

We are perfectly fit

For we complement

Each other flawlessly

That is why, amazing brothers

We will always be

I love you


13) When you rise

I rise with you

When you fall

I come to your rescue

When you are low

I give you a tug

When you stumble

I make you smile with a hug

When you fail

I encourage you to move on

Bro, all I want for you

Is that you never be forlorn

I love you


14) My little brother…

No matter how old you grow

You will always be my teddy bear

I will never stop loving you

Nor will I ever cease to care

No matter how tall you grow

Or how far you go away

In the labyrinths of my heart

You will always stay

I love you


15) Even when I am down

I have no reason to frown

Even when I am depressed

I have no reason to be stressed

Even when I am unhappy

I have no reason to be gloomy

Even when I emotionally torn

I have no reason to be forlorn

Even when I am frustrated

I have no reason to be irritated

Even when I am miserable

I have no reason to be impossible

For my brother is always there

To make me smile wide

He is the reason for my joy

My happiness and my pride

I love you


16) We are the flowers of the same plant

And fruits of the same tree

We are the birds of the same nest

Both you and me

We are the creations of the same blood

And children of the same Lord

We are also brothers because we care

Not just because we were joined by the same cord

I love you


17) My little brother

In my world you bring innocence

My little buddy

You fill my life with exuberance

My baby brother

You make life worth looking forward to

My sweet angel

What would I do without you

My dearest friend

You make everything seem alright

I love you bro

Thanks for making my life so bright


18) We shared every day of our lives

We shared every bite of our food

It is the love that we have for each other

For all these years which kept us glued

We lived through each other’s sorrows

We laughed together in each other’s joys

I am so thankful that we have grown up

As brothers and our parents’ wonderful boys

I love you


19) A brother like you

Everyone should have in their destiny

Only then can they realize

What it means to have a lifelong buddy

With a brother like you

Everyone should have an intertwined fate

Only then can they know

What it means to have a real mate

I love you


20) We are two bodies

But a soul which is single

We are not just any brother-sister

We are really special

We have two different pairs of eyes

But our vision is the same

Living life without each other

Would be just dull and lame

I hope we always live

This way in harmony

May nothing come in the way

Of our awesome camaraderie

I love you

Poem about the love between brothers

21) When the time comes

A brother will stand up for you

No matter where he is

He will come to your rescue

This is what I have learnt

About the bond of brotherhood

Our relationship is unlike any other

Truly priceless, touch wood

I love you


22) A precious part of my childhood

I owe to you dear bro

How fond I am of those memories

Is what I want you to know

From sharing each other’s toys

To playing in the snow

I can spend days recalling

Such beautiful moments in a row

I love you


23) On one hand, if I had you

And on the other, friends by the ton

I would pick only you dear brother

For you, are my special one

Your presence in my life

Equals that of a thousand friends

Because you are that person

For whom my love knows no ends

I love you


24) Whether I have borrowed

Your books or your PC

You gave it away


Whether I have taken

Your t-shirt or baseball bat

It never mattered to you

Whether it was this or that

You have given me

Everything that I have asked for

There couldn’t a better brother

Than you in this world for sure

I love you


25) Thanks for always fighting with me

It taught me how to deal with things that are worldly

Thanks for advising me regularly

It taught me how to deal with things that are tricky

Thanks for always giving me help timely

It taught me the meaning of love which is brotherly

Thanks for being the perfect brother to me

It made my life every bit worthy

I love you