Birthday Poems for Boss

Birthday card poem to boss from employees

Birthday Poems for Boss: Lighten up the serious mood in your office by giving your boss’ birthday celebration a personal touch. Instead of the usual one-liner wishes and messages, a sweet poem on a birthday card is a great way to connect with the real human being behind your boss’ professional facade. A funny greeting has the potential to bring about a positive change in your manager-employee relationship. Reflect on your everyday life at work to come up with your original quotes that show gratitude for all the inspiration and motivation you get from your boss on a daily basis. Get all your colleagues to pool in money for an expensive gift. After all, being overtly nice on your boss’ birthday might make him or her return the favor by being nice to you all year round.


1) The best boss deserves

A celebration that is grand

And for him, that is exactly

What we have planned

From food and drinks

To gifts and greetings

So let’s stop working

And get down to partying

Happy birthday


2) Your facade is that of a tough and a mean boss

But we know that deep down inside you want

Us to succeed and the company to prosper

Which is why we tolerate all your quirky taunts

But on the good side, performance appraisals seem

Literally like a merry walk in the park

When we know that we have worked all the time

While following the instructions that you bark

Happy birthday


3) Dear boss…

There is a reason why I am

The perfect employee

There is a clear cause

For me to perform outstandingly

Hard work and determination

That reason, isn’t limited to

I owe my successes and triumphs

To an amazing boss like you

Happy birthday


4) To call a spade a spade

Isn’t an easy task

To say no when you must

Is surely a big ask

But for a super boss like you

Nothing is too tough

You can think calmly

Even in times that are rough

That is the reason why

We are lucky to have you at the helm

You have always been the best

In your domain and realm

Happy birthday boss


5) The best way for me to do new things and learn

To climb up the corporate ladder and earn

Is to constantly keep watching you

And get to know things that I never knew

Just passively observing you on a daily basis

I something that I would never miss

Less like a dominant leader, more like a mother’s love

Your leadership has always helped me rise above

Happy birthday


6) You are the man without whom

The entire office would come to a stop

Without whose guidance at work

Every agenda we would have to drop

Your presence inspires us

To keep moving on no matter what

It is because of your mentorship

That we have learnt a lot

On your birthday, dear boss

I wish that you continue

Not just to be the best yourself

But bring out the best in us too

Happy birthday


7) Dear boss…

This greeting card is a contract

To accept it, please sign on the dotted line

It promises you the best wishes

It gives you the hope that everything will be fine

But in return it requires you to be

A cool and fun boss every single day

If you manage to fulfill just this one clause

Your employees will do whatever you say

Happy birthday


8) Is a Montblanc pen a befitting gift

For a boss who has given my career such a lift

Is a Hugo Boss perfume an appropriate token

To show appreciation to a boss who is a lot of fun

Would a barbecue machine be a good touch

To honor a boss who knows so much

A gift that is the best, we both will agree

Is me being the best employee I can ever be

Happy birthday boss


9) I have been confused

Also very depressed

I have been anxious

And totally stressed

All this is over

What gift to give you

Something which is nice

And elegant too

But then I realized

No gift is befitting

For my dear boss

Who is so amazing

Happy birthday


10) On your birthday I want something from you

Your amazing ability, to never be blue

I also desperately want your capability

To be calm in times of stress or during anxiety

I want to have all those things that make you so unique

Each and every quality of yours, is what I seek

That is why I take the opportunity to say

That to get a boss like you, I am lucky in every way

Happy birthday