Birthday Poems for Boss

Thankful birthday poem for boss

21) It is easy to be a tough boss

But it is difficult to go easy

It is easy to be stubborn boss

But it is difficult to be breezy

The perfect balance

You have managed to achieve

A boss like you

We would never want to leave

Happy birthday


22) With a leader so suave

Our team is bound to get reviews, rave

With a boss ever so perfect

Nothing at our workplace can be incorrect

A manager who is tough yet so benevolent

Deserves many praises and acknowledgment

So today we all come together and say

We love you boss, happy birthday


23) Cut us some slack

Relax and just sit back

Let us off the hook

Gaze out of the window and take a look

For today is your birthday

A fine day, I must say

A time to liven up the workplace

So let’s party and forget the rat race

So let’s let our hair down

Let’s forget all the frowns

Arguments are banned in the office

Today is all about parties and bliss

Happy birthday boss


24) It is all over the company’s intranet

That we are all ready and set

To celebrate your birthday with rapture

And in our photographs, capture

Your antics as the birthday boy

And your lighter side, as you enjoy

Let’s get the celebrations under way

By wishing you boss, a happy birthday



25) More than a boss

You are mentor and a friend

For my respect towards you

There is really no end

Such an amazing and wonderful influence

On my professional life, you have been

An awesome boss like you

I am sure no one has ever seen

Happy birthday boss


26) I really hope that you like

The awesome gift for you, we all got

It is not cheap and it is not common

It is not something that can be easily bought

I hope that in return

We can seek a few more favors

And get you to unconditionally support

All our future endeavors

Jokes aside, we want you to realize

How much we look up to you

How badly we need your guidance

To help us see our careers through

Happy birthday boss


27) Your birthday is the day on which

We can turn the tables on you

Just like you order us around all year

We can ask you to do things too

As you relax and put up your feet

Allow us to take control and charge

Don’t forget to attend you party in the evening

In which the whole office is likely to barge

Happy birthday


28) Set a reminder on your smartphone

To give us all a treat this evening

And if your phone does not work

We don’t mind reminding

For this, you can also use

Your secretary or your iPad

And if you still manage to forget

We will all feel really bad

Happy birthday boss


29) Just like there are awards for employees

There should be awards for best bosses too

From the entire corporate world

I would give that honor to you

Just like there is an employee of the month

For bosses too, there should be a medal

If there was one, you would win it

For you are a boss, who is too special

Happy birthday


30) Dear boss…

I don’t know if you are an amazing husband, uncle or son

Or if you are an awesome nephew, dad or brother

All I know is that an awesome boss like you

In the whole world, there is no other

But I am sure that if you can manage your entire

Unit of employees and colleagues at work so efficiently

There is nothing else in life that you would fall short at

Including being a gem of a person to your loving family

Happy birthday