40th Birthday Poems

Inspirational happy birthday poem for 40 year olds

40th Birthday Poems: Write a short poem on a greeting card for someone who is turning forty. Whether it is for your mom, dad, husband, wife, friend, colleague – celebrate their special life stage with cute messages, inspirational notes, heartwarming wishes and funny quotes. Forty is said to mark the peak of the dreaded midlife crisis. The chaos at forty is usually driven by teenage kids, mortgages, busy work schedules and the usual family drama. It is a weird age because it is halfway between young and old which oscillates between being exciting and boring. But being a forty year old is not that bad either. This is the time when moms and dads get to enjoy being doting parents to their sweet children. Old friendships bloom and new bonds are made. Many also witness their professional zenith in their forties.  Encompass all these emotions as you set out to mark this milestone birthday in someone’s life with the beauty of words.


1) Every birthday

Is a reminder

That you have one life

Not endless years

It’s a deadline which says

Time is limited

To do all those things

You’ve always wanted

On your birthday I hope

That you manage to

Do everything in life

That’s destined for you


2) As the years go by

You are getting prettier

Age hasn’t touched you at all

You have a beautiful shimmer

Life for you seems to be

Perfect in each and every way

Here’s a hearty wish

On your 40th birthday

All the joys in the world

May you always enjoy

May your life be filled

With unlimited joy


3) You are about to begin

A rapturous journey

In which you will witness

Nothing but prosperity

You are about to hop onboard

A flight of hope and fulfilment

Get ready to welcome in your life

Lots of fun and enjoyment

You are about to sail on a ship

That’ll take you to victory

We wish a great birthday

Have fun turning forty


4) You must be the most handsome

Forty year old out there

An amazing man like you

I wouldn’t find anywhere

A man who is the perfect

Husband, father and son

My darling you truly are

A man who is one in a million

Happy birthday


5) A fortieth birthday is the real mark

Of the voyage that you’ll now embark

An expedition full of delight and surprise

With many a lessons that are wise

A journey full of learning and discovery

We want your life henceforth to be

As you ring in your fortieth birthday

We wish that you be happy in every way


6) You are on the right road

You are on the correct pathway

You have taken the right steps

You are being your best everyday

You are doing everything

That will take you to the pinnacle

Of success and happiness

Making your life exceptional

Happy 40th birthday


7) Turning forty

Is a matter of pride

It is the beginning

Of life’s roller coaster ride

Turning forty

Is a matter of delight

It’s when you realize

Your life has been so right

Happy fortieth birthday


8) Happy birthday

To my childhood chum

I hope your 40th

Is totally awesome

May all your dreams

Turn out to be true

May lots of good luck

Come only to you

May your receive more joy

Than you would’ve ever thought

Happy birthday buddy

We love you a lot


9) As your child grows

As you have new highs and lows

As you change your job

As life gives you more reasons to sob

As you turn forty

These things are meant to be

But the key to survive this

Or any other middle age crisis

Is to see how far you have come

Just remember that you’re awesome

Happy 40th birthday


10) Not the end of the world

But the beginning of a new life

Life after the age of forty

Should be free of strife

Take the opportunity

To holiday and travel

The wonders of happiness

Let your life unravel

Things you couldn’t do

I hope you can now accomplish

Have an amazing fortieth

Is all for you that I wish

Beautiful birthday poem quote for turning forty

11) Don’t regret the things

You haven’t been able to do

This is the perfect time

To refresh and start anew

Don’t fret about

What you couldn’t achieve

Look forward to the dreams

In which you believe

Happy birthday


12) Forty candles

One your cake

Forty wishes

That you can make

As you blow these

Candles away

I wish that happiness

Comes your way

A new year in life

As you welcome

We hope that everything

Turns out awesome

Happy 40th birthday


13) You have turned

A year older

But you are looking

A lot younger

You look like

A pretty teenager

Or someone who’s got

A lovely makeover

Happy 40th birthday


14) You have slogged

To reach these heights

You have worked hard

With all your might

You have perspired

Night and day

You’ve done everything

To pave your own way

Now you need to

Sit back and unwind

Now’s the time to enjoy

Some peace of mind

Happy 40th birthday


15) The journey of your life

Will now show you a new low

Since I have been through this

It’s my job to let you know

You will face more trouble

As your kid becomes a teen

Life will be messier

Than it’s ever been

But amidst all this

Chaos and disorder

Don’t forget to be a great

Husband and a father

Happy 40th birthday


16) Congratulations for

Turning a proud forty

Although many reach

This age easily

Only few ones like

Accomplish big things

Working hard to be able

To give their dreams wings

As you celebrate

Your fortieth birthday

You’re my favorite uncle

I’m very proud to say

Happy 40th birthday


17) Your life has entered

Its fourth decade

It has always been

A game well played

Although you have many

More decades to go

I wish the best for you

Is what I want you to know

Happy 40th birthday


18) Thank God, you are not turning fifty

Thanks Heavens, you are only turning forty

You still have ten years to go

Until then you can go with the flow

To live life as a young heartthrob

And be adventurous in your job

Do things that you wouldn’t do

When old age descends on you

Happy fortieth birthday


19) Forty is an age

When you aren’t too youthful

It is that crunch time

When life feels more stressful

Although being forty

Can take its toll

Don’t get disheartened

Or take your eyes off your goal

Keep moving every day

Hold on to your ambition

For life will surely give you

The fruits of your determination

Happy 40th birthday


20) You have been

A doting mother

Like you there can

Be no other

You have been a

Perfect wife

Who has given me

A happy life

You are the ideal

Woman for

Without you no life

There would ever be

Happy 40th sweetie

Sweet happy 40th birthday poem for greeting card

21) Sweet as chocolate

Textured like wine

You are a precious

Friend of mine

Tangy as orange

As smooth as peach

The age of hundred

I want you to reach

Happy 40th birthday


22) When I turn forty

I want to be like you

Have a nice family

Travel to places that are new

Have a career

With lots of success

All the right ingredients

For a life full of happiness

Happy fortieth birthday


23) Forty is the way to be

A cool, smart and hip hottie

Forty is the way to go

Experience new highs and lows

Forty is when you raise a toast

To things about which, you can boast

As you celebrate being forty

I wish happy birthday honey


24) You are in the thick of

The dreaded middle age

When life is nothing

But stressful bondage

You are engulfed

In midlife crisis

Where something always

Seems to be amiss

Don’t think about this

There is nothing to worry

These are common symptoms

Of being forty

Happy 40th birthday


25) You are nearing

Half a century

Don’t pacify yourself

That you are just forty

You are turning old

Frail and flimsy

On your 40th birthday

Accept this reality

Happy birthday


26) Forty is a funny age

You are not too old

Yet you will stop being

Adventurous or bold

It’s that time when you

Feel neither strong nor weak

It’s when the future will seem

Not to bright nor bleak

But in such confusing times

My only advice to you

Is to patiently wait

For life to give you what is due

Happy birthday


27) You must be really happy

For having a great life

A good house and great kids

Along with a wonderful wife

You must be overjoyed

For you have achieved a lot

To get here you’ve worked

Really hard and fought

Congratulations on reaching

Life’s most amazing juncture

From here on, I assure you

Things will only get better

Happy 40th birthday


28) In the big picture

It really doesn’t matter

Whether you are forty

Or turning sixty

What is really vital

Is that your life is special

And dear friend, for you

That stands perfectly true

Happy 40th birthday


29) As life goes on

As things progress

As you begin to understand

The meaning of happiness

As time passes

As destiny unfolds

The things that you realize

As you start to grow old

Are some of the treasures

Of being forty

I pray that very happy

You may always be

Happy fortieth birthday


30) See how far you’ve come

How far you have to go

See how amazingly you have

Beaten all of life’s lows

See how you’ve managed

To do the unthinkable

See how all your success

Has made you so exceptional

On your birthday I wish

More expectations you exceed

In life no matter what

May you always succeed

Happy 40th birthday