50th Birthday Poems

Inspirational 50th birthday greeting card poem

50th Birthday Poems: This post is an awesome mixed bag of sweet, cute, inspirational, motivational and funny 50th birthday wishes. Take ideas to write short poems and quotes on a greeting card for someone who has just turned fifty years old. Whether it is your dad, mom, boss, friend, colleague, brother, sister or a family friend – say Happy Birthday in a way that adds a touch of love to their fiftieth birthday celebrations. Everyone can buy a card from the shop shelves but you can stand out from the crowd by expressing yourself in your personalized rhyme. Wish them good luck, good health and lots of happiness as they begin the countdown towards escaping from life’s rat race.


1) Look how far you have come

And how far you have got to go

How much experience and wisdom

To others, you can show

Look at what a grand journey

Your life has been until now

As we raise a toast to your life

We stand up and take a bow

Happy 50th birthday


2) You are getting older by age

But you are also getting naughtier

Even though you have a few wrinkles

You are looking prettier

As the years are passing by

You are going back to being a child

I hope you always stay like this

Youthful, carefree and wild

Happy 50th birthday


3) Turning fifty is a matter of pride

You have experience by your side

You know everything there is to know

You have knowledge and skills to show

You have reached your professional zenith

You have proved that success isn’t a myth

You have nothing to worry about

You are on the correct route

So have fun while you can

Happy birthday, old man


4) Don’t rest, don’t stop

Just because you are fifty

You are only halfway

You have much to do and see

Don’t pause, don’t break

Because of less responsibility

You still have much to attain

For yourself and your family

The real purpose of your life

You are about to now find out

The rest of your journey will be

Fantastic without a doubt

Happy birthday


5) Your life is perfect at fifty

You are at the best juncture

You have a loving family

Along with an enviable career

You are truly very deserving

Of everything you have got

We wish you a happy 50th

Dad, we love you a lot


6) You are an ideal

Fifty year old man

You have always believed

In the motto Yes I Can

You live life in the present

Enjoying each and every day

As you grow older buddy

Continue to be this way

Happy 50th birthday


7) The best time of your life

Will start from here on

Of many happy memories

This is just the dawn

The most exciting patch

Of life, you will now see

I wish you good health and happiness

As you celebrate turning fifty


8) By now you must have learnt

That life is too fickle

You have to find your own happiness

And reasons to smile and giggle

By now you must have realized

That life is not to be taken seriously

Live each day to its fullest

Should be your motto at fifty

Happy birthday


9) The period from fifty to sixty

Is the best decade of your life

With many moments worth cherishing

And the least amount of strife

This is when everything is calm

Life runs smoothly on its course

There is only happiness and delight

There is absolutely no remorse

I hope you enjoy your grand welcome

To this beautiful phase

By reaching the age of fifty

You are nearing the end of the rat race

Happy 50th birthday


10) When I came to know

That you turned fifty this year

The first thing that came out

From my mouth was Oh Dear

Because you are a person

Who has lived life without fear

Age seems to defy you

Wrinkles are nowhere near

Happy 50th birthday

Sweet birthday poem for turning fifty years old 50

11) Say goodbye to your midlife crisis

Say goodbye to your days of struggle

Bid adieu to running after your kids

This is the time to comfortably snuggle

Take some time off to relax

Unwind with a long vacation

You are now in a new stage of life

Which calls for a grand celebration

Happy 50th birthday


12) By turning a glorious fifty

You have hit half a century

You have shown everyone

That you are still a bundle of fun

You have been responsible

Your achievements are admirable

At fifty, you are flawless and perfect

Full of experience and intellect

Happy 50th birthday


13) Celebrations galore

Let the happiness pour

Revelries anew

Life in its best hue

Festivities non-stop

Life’s lovely view from atop

Parties never-ending

That’s what you’ll be doing

Happy 50th


14) I hope you never need

The help of a doctor

I hope you never need

To see the chiropractor

I hope you never need

To visit the family physician

I hope you never need

To dial Nine One One

I hope you never require

To visit the pharmacy

I hope that you remain

Fit and fighting beyond fifty

Happy birthday


15) Although you are fifty

You are more energetic than us

Even if you had to walk a few miles

You would do it without a fuss

You are so full of life even after

Living for half a century

Everyone should strive to be

Just like you, bubbly and lively

Happy 50th birthday


16) You are the most beautiful

Fifty year old that I have seen

Jealous, for the way you have aged

So gracefully, I have always been

I may not be with you right now

But my heart always is

Please accept my wishes

Along with a virtual hug and kiss

Happy 50th


17) You have reached an age

When you are no more youthful

Nor are you too old

But you still are beautiful

You have reached an odd juncture

When you can’t be too carefree

Nor should you be too serious

Just be the best that you can be

Happy 50th birthday


18) Fifty is just the beginning

Of the sunset of your life

How does it feel to come all this way

With your kids and your wife

As you reflect and look back on

Such a long and beautiful journey

Your friends and family gather

To wish you the best for turning fifty

Happy birthday


19) Today is a special celebration

Because you are turning fifty

It is to appreciate the qualities

Which we see in you, buddy

F stands for Fearless

I stand for Ingenious

F stands for Fantastic

T stands for Tremendous

Y stands for Youthful

This describes you perfectly

Wishing you a happy birthday

Hope you have fun at fifty


20) Life will now reward you

For all that you have done

Not by bringing you small joys

But happiness by the ton

Life will now repay the price

That you paid all this while

For your hard work and courage

It will give you back smiles

Your fiftieth birthday signals

Along with work, time to rest

So that life can be

Nothing but the very best

Happy birthday

Inspirational 50th birthday card wish

21) You look deceptively young

Your personality is dynamic

Your enthusiasm in life

Is inspirational and terrific

Even though you are fifty

You are amazingly fit

Fifty is the new forty

So enjoy life’s every bit

Happy 50th birthday


22) All throughout your life

You have been very wise

That is why your success

Doesn’t comes as a surprise

Turning fifty is the time

To be a little carefree

Enjoy life’s rewards

As you conquer your destiny

Happy 50th


23) A little bit of natural gray hair

Will look good on you

A little stubble or a beard

Will look suave too

I hope you take my advice

As you turn fifty

Because this mature look will

Finally make people take you seriously

Happy fiftieth birthday


24) Welcome to the club

You are one of us now

Everyone will mock you

Just wait and watch how

They’ll call you young or old

As per their convenience

They won’t care about

Your feelings even once

Now you will come to know

What it feels to be fifty

Hey, we’re just kidding

Enjoy and take it lightly

Happy 50th birthday


25) Half a decade you have lived

As you turn fifty

But don’t count the years

Just think about your legacy

You still have many a decade

To live life to the fullest

So years later you can say

That my fifties were the best

Happy birthday


26) These days you have become

A little bit grumpy

You have become irritable

And a little whiney

You seem to have become

A little laid back

Of your priorities

You seem to have lost track

There is no reason to fret

All this is meant to be

You are not young anymore

This year you have turned fifty

Happy fiftieth birthday


27) You may be inching closer

To becoming a senior citizen

But don’t let that make you sad

You will be the most good looking one

Such grace and beauty

Such vintage charm and poise

Cheers to you turning fifty

Now let’s party and make some noise

Happy birthday


28) On your fiftieth birthday

If I had to make list of qualities

That make you a wonderful person

I would be able to do it with ease

There are not just fifty things

But a hundred about you

That make you so amazing

Warm and loving too

On your fiftieth birthday I raise

A toast to your life’s journey

Which has been until now

Most admirable and worthy

Happy 50th birthday


29) You can be cranky if you want

You can also be annoyed and irritable

Or you can start inspiring others

By being inspirational and admirable

You should make a decision

About what you want to be at fifty

Do you want to set an inspirational example

Or just be old and grumpy

Happy 50th birthday


30) This is the time of your life

To show everyone what you’ve got

After reaching such an age

Don’t you lose the plot

Gather all your energy

Think about what you can do

To live it up to the fullest

Happy fiftieth to you