Birthday poems for brother

Birthday poems for brother: All your brother’s friends are going to wish him a Happy Birthday by sending sweet texts, cute Facebook posts, funny quotes and emails. How are your wishes for your bro going to be different from the lot? Take ideas from this post to write a short poem for your brother on a lovely little handmade greeting card. Whether you are his little sister, younger brother, elder sis or older brother – show him that even though you argue with him all the time, you still put in the effort to write a loving birthday rhyme.


1) You and I

Are like bread and butter

Always stuck to

One another

You and I

Are like salt and pepper

Wherever we go

We are together

You and I

Can’t do without each other

We make the best pair

Of a brother and sister

Happy birthday bro


2) I wouldn’t be able to make do

Without guidance from you

I wouldn’t be able to see

What life had in store for me

If you had not been around

My life wouldn’t have been sound

Thanks for always watching over me

Successful, I always want you to be

Happy birthday big bro


3) Some people say that we are same

Some people say that we are different

Regardless of what anyone has to say

We are blood brothers, and that is permanent

Happy birthday


4) From the day I helped mom to change your nappy

I knew you would make me nothing but happy

From the day I taught you how to walk

I knew you would make my life rock

I feel nostalgic as we celebrate your birthday

I am so proud of you is all I can say

Happy birthday dear brother


5) Is it strange that sometimes I hate you

From the bottom of my heart

And sometimes I love you, as if

We have been the best of friends from the start

Forgive me for all the times

My anger gets the better of me

There is nothing but brotherly love

In my heart, I hope you can see

Happy birthday dear brother


6) Today there is something special in the air

Something extraordinary and beyond compare

Because today is my brother’s birthday

Who is special to me in every way

His presence in my life means the world to me

Pain or suffering in his life, I can never see

Like the sun’s rays

I will be there in his life always

Happy birthday dear brother


7) No matter how much others applaud

I wouldn’t feel happy until I get your nod

No matter how much praise others would shower

Only I know the secret source of my real power

Happy birthday to the brother who has stood by me always

May the new year in your life bring you nothing but happy days


8) You are the umbrella

That shields me from hail, sun and rain

You are the brother

Who helps me deal with life’s pain

Happy birthday bro


9) To me you are more than just a brother

You are my best friend

To your selfless love and affection

There is no end

Happy birthday


10) Every time when mom and dad could not see

The point I was trying to make

I knew you would understand me

And what I was about to undertake

Without you, there is so much I lack

If it weren’t for you, I would be nowhere

Thanks for having my back

And always being there

Happy birthday brother


11) Thanks for being my canopy

And the person who always looked out for me

For encouraging me to be what I always wanted to be

If not for you I would have been a bag of worry

Happy birthday


12) Even if you put a bug, inside my coffee mug

A single tug, can make me give you a hug

That is how much I care for you and how much I love you

Happy birthday dear bro, I know you love me too


13) Whether it is playing with me in the snow

Giving me advice to go with the flow

Or teaching me how to put up a great show

You are the best bro ever, I want you to know

Happy birthday


14) Little brothers are like flowers

With praise, you need to give them a shower

They require constant care

And for them, you always need to be there

Little bro, you are my precious one

Today for you, I have planned a lot of fun

As you turn a year older

Happy birthday my little soldier


15) As you turn a year older

As you get a year wiser

Smile, and say cheese

So that I can freeze

The frame that captures your joy

Wish you an awesome day, birthday boy


16) You are the perfect brother

My perfect fit

With any person another

I wouldn’t have survived one bit

We are the perfect pair ever

No two people can have a bond so strong

There is no trouble, due to which our ties can sever

In your progress, my happiness belongs

Happy birthday brother


17) Sometimes you nag me like our mother

Sometimes you pull me up like our father

Sometimes you give me your tender support like a sister

I am glad that you are my all-in-one brother

Happy birthday


18) A brothers is a brother

Not just because of biology

In spite of having the same mother

There is another analogy

Of strength and support

A brother is a pillar

We may be different, but have you ever taken note

That we are so similar

Happy birthday brother


19) I have always fallen into the temptation

Of looking through your closet for inspiration

Which I can rummage to find something unique

To be like you, I always seek

Can you see how special to me you are?

You are my idol and my life’s star


20) Dear little bro

You are such a pro

At winning my heart

And making me miss you when we are apart

I will always love you

And you better love me back too

May things between us always be this way

Is what I wish on your birthday today


21) Through thick or thin

May we always win

Through storm or calm

May we always be each other’s healing balm

Through night or day

With one another, may we always stay

Through grief or joy

May you breeze through, birthday boy

Happy birthday brother


22) Because of you, my childhood was a blast

Because of you, my life has had such a wonderful past

Because of you, I have memories that will last

Because of you, the happiness in my life is so vast

Happy birthday little brother, you are growing up fast


23) Dear bro

I want you to know

Life would be no fun

It would come undone

Without you next to me

Happy birthday buddy


24) Brothers and sisters

Are like black and white

Complete opposites

Who always fight

At the end of the day

They come together

Because they are incomplete

Without each other

Happy birthday brother


25) It is your birthday

I cannot wait to say

How cute I think you are

My little shining star

You are a bundle of joy

Like a cute and cuddly toy

I love you my little bro

Is what I want you to know