Birthday poems for boss

Birthday poems for boss: Lighten up the serious professional mood in your office by making your boss’ birthday celebration a little more personal. Wish your boss happy birthday by writing a poem on his or her birthday card. It can be a few funny lines about your manager-employee relationship or a poem that expresses your gratitude for your boss. Pool in money from all your colleagues and buy an expensive gift to accompany your boss’ birthday greeting so that he or she is obliged to be nice to you all year round.


1) Without you, dear boss

Our office would have been at a loss

You have helped us keep our sanity

And managed us all so perfectly

For this, you deserve a standing ovation

But we will give that to you on one condition

On your birthday you must take a break and unwind

Otherwise you will get a piece of our mind

Happy birthday boss


2) It is easy to be a tough boss

But it is difficult to go easy

It is easy to be stubborn boss

But it is difficult to be breezy

The perfect balance

You have managed to achieve

A boss like you

We would never want to leave

Happy birthday boss


3) I have enjoyed working with you, touch wood

And I am not saying this just to make you feel good

I have enjoyed learning from you, touch wood

You mentored me and taught me everything you could

I want continue rising and become a boss like you, touch wood

I know that is possible, because all your advice I have clearly understood

Happy birthday boss


4) To accept the contract for a new year in your life

Please sign here on the dotted line

This contract promises you an awesome career

And a personal life which will be perfectly fine

The contract also says that you

Need to be a cool boss every day

If you manage to fulfill this clause

We will follow your instructions, and do whatever you say

Happy birthday boss


5) Employees very few

Find perfect bosses like you

Thank God I am one of those employees

Who has found a boss like you with ease

Getting a chance to work

Under a boss like you is the biggest perk

Happy birthday


6) The best way for me to do new things and learn

To climb up the corporate ladder and earn

Is to constantly keep watching you

And get to know things that I never knew

I am fortunate to have a boss who knows how to love

His employees and help them to rise above

Happy birthday


7) Is a Mont Blanc pen a befitting gift

For a boss who has given my career such a lift

Is a Hugo Boss perfume an appropriate token

To show appreciation to a boss who is a lot of fun

Would a barbecue machine be a good touch

To honor a boss who knows so much

A gift that is the best, we both will agree

Is me being the best employee I can ever be

Happy birthday boss


8) Whenever I talk to my son

There is one thing I tell him as rule number one

To be the best that he can ever be

This, I have learnt from you observantly

Then I describe to him what you are all about

How you know when to follow the rules and when to flout

I tell him that he should be ambitious too

And grow up to be a manager and a boss just like you

Happy birthday


9) It is time to stack

All the paperwork away

And it is time

To keep worries about work at bay

As we take the pub down the block by storm

And crack open a few beers

As we celebrate the birthday of a wonderful boss

Raise a toast to him and say cheers

Happy birthday boss


10) To an amazing boss like you, I say kudos

You have seen us through all highs and lows

The worst in us that was and the best which is yet to be

Only you had the potential to see

How can we possibly convey our thanks

To a person who has been the aim of our office pranks

All we can say is that you a wonderful boss

Your absence in the office would mean a terrible loss

Happy birthday


11) Shrug your shoulders

Shirk away all responsibility

Today is your birthday

Lots of fun, we want your day to be

Take off your suit

Push your laptop away

Today we want you to leave office

And not a single more minute, stay

Relax, enjoy, chill, rejuvenate

This is that time of the year

A happy birthday and an awesome future ahead

We wish for our boss so dear


12) With a leader so suave

Our company is bound to get reviews rave

With an achiever so perfect

Nothing at our workplace can be incorrect

A boss who is tough yet so benevolent

Deserves many praises and acknowledgment

Happy birthday boss


13) Cut us some slack

Relax and just sit back

Just let us off the hook

Gaze out of the window and take a look

For today is your birthday

A fine day, I must say

A time to party at our workplace

And forget for a minute, the mad rat race

Happy birthday boss


14) I don’t know if you are an amazing husband, uncle or son

Or if you are an awesome nephew, dad or brother

All I know is that an awesome boss like you

In the whole world, there is no other

Happy birthday boss


15) To call a spade a spade

Isn’t an easy task

To say no when you must

Is surely a big ask

But for a super boss like you

Nothing is too tough

You can think smooth

Even in times that are rough

That is the reason why

We are lucky to have you at the helm

You have always been the best

In your domain and realm

Happy birthday boss


16) It is all over the company’s intranet

That we are all ready and set

To celebrate your birthday with rapture

And in our photographs, capture

Your antics as the birthday boy

And your lighter side, as you enjoy

Let’s get the celebrations under way

By wishing you boss, a happy birthday



17) More than a boss

You are mentor and a friend

For my respect towards you

There is really no end

Such an amazing and wonderful influence

On my professional life, you have been

An awesome boss like you

I am sure no one has ever seen

Happy birthday boss


18) I really hope that you like

The awesome gif that I bought

It is not cheap and it is not common

It is not something that can be easily bought

I hope that in return

I can slyly seek a few more favors

And get you to unconditionally support

All my future endeavors

Jokes aside, I want you to realize

How much I look up to you

How badly I need your guidance

To help me see my future through

Happy birthday boss


19) Your birthday is the day on which

We can turn the tables on you

Just like you order us around all year

We can ask you to do things too

As you relax and put up your feet

Allow us to take control and charge

Don’t forget to attend you party in the evening

In which the whole office is likely to barge

Happy birthday


20) Set a reminder on your smartphone

To give us all a treat this evening

And if your phone does not work

We don’t mind reminding

For this, you can also use

Your secretary or your iPad

And if you still manage to forget

We will feel really bad

Happy birthday boss