Thank You Poems for Mom

Sweet poem to say thank you to mom

11) Mom…

The cost of hopes, the price of dreams

For a mother to bear, is not as easy as it seems

The sacrifices of a lifetime, the surrender of aspirations

A mother gives up all her ambitions

Only for her children, she lets it all go

But that won’t be in vain, is what I want you to know

I promise to be the best child, you could have ever had

I will shower you with happiness and never let you be sad


12) The advice of a mother is priceless

Because it comes out of experience

The guidance of a mother is precious

Because it won’t let you falter, even once

The help of a mother is invaluable

Because it helps you become stable

The counsel of a mother is dear

It is because of her, that I am here

Thank you


13) Dear mom…

Whether it is a birthday or someone’s anniversary

Or any other celebration in our loving family

Whether it is a breakup or a difficulty

Or anything else that is bothering me

Whether it is bad health or times of happiness

The way you are always there is something truly priceless

Thanks for your everlasting and enduring commitment

It is because of you, we find joy in every moment

Thank you


14) You have shown me

What a mother’s love means

It is not as simple

Or as easy as it seems

By sacrificing all

That you had in life

And by taking up

My burden and strife

You have proved the fact

That mothers are selfless

All they wish for

Is their child’s happiness

Thanks mom


15) I don’t want to be that daughter

Who wishes her mum

Only on Mother’s Day

To tell her that she is awesome

I want to be that daughter

Who wishes her mum

Every day of the year

So that she never feels lonesome

This short rhyme is to show you

How grateful I feel ever moment

To have a mother for whom

My happiness is the only intent

Thanks mom


16) I have a special way of saying

Thank you to my darling

My sweetheart and my one and only

My mother who I love immensely

I will kiss her and give her a hug

With a gentle and loving tug

To remind her of how thankful

I am for having a mother so wonderful

Thanks mom


17) Dear mom…

The lessons that you gave me

Were very tough

But they helped me face

Situations that were rough

The teachings you gave me

Were very strong

They helped me survive

Troubles that lasted long

Thanks for always doing

The right thing for me

You are the one who has

Charted out my destiny


18) People go to different places

To worship the Almighty

For me there is only one person

Who will be my God for eternity

That person is not an angel

A character or celestial body

She is the woman who

I call my mommy

Her love is nothing short

Of a miracle and a blessing

To her I just want to say

Mom, thank you for everything


19) Your wisdom is the core

Of my foundation

Your inspiration is the basis

Of my ambition

You attitude is the reason

Of my calmness

Your cheerful personality is why

There is so much happiness

I have become the person

That I am today

Only because of you, mom

That is all I have to say

Thank you


20) When somebody compliments me

I ask them to pause

After all, complimenting me

Comes with a certain clause

Every time someone praises me

They have to praise my mum

Without her caring upbringing

I wouldn’t have been so awesome

Thanks mom