Thank You Poems for Mom

Cute thank you poem to mother from son or daughter

21) When others said I was crazy

You called me creative

When others labeled me mad

You called me inventive

When I was touted to be wild

You said it was just imagination

When others said I was unruly

You called it self-determination

When others said I wouldn’t make it big

You told me to use that as a ladder

To trample over their bitter words

And climb higher and higher

Thanks mom


22) This poem is short summary

Of one of the core truth’s of life

Just remember these lines

Whether you are happy or in strife

There aren’t many people in the world

Who forget and forgive

There aren’t many people in the world

Who teach you how to live

There aren’t many people in the world

Who will stand up for you

There aren’t many people in the world

Who will stick with you like glue

There is only one exception

And she is your mother

Her love and undying support

Is unlike any other

Thanks mom


23) Dear mom…

Thanks for being the only one

Who always hears me out

Thanks for being the only one

Who shows me the correct route

Thanks for being the only one

Who I can trust blindly

Thanks for being the only one

Who knows me perfectly


24) My mother’s second name

Is serenity

She is the personification

Of purity

My mother has boundless


She is the epitome of


My mother has the knack

Of keeping others happy

She cannot be compared

To anybody

Thanks mom


25) When everything goes downhill

And life becomes humdrum

When I have nowhere to go

I know where I will be welcome

When I have no one to tell me

What I should do and what I should not

I always go to my mother

Because she loves me no matter what

Thanks mom


26) I love it when others

Think you are my elder sister

When they don’t know that

You are actually my mother

I love it when people

Mistake you for my friend

For that is what we are

And I hope it never ends

I am not surprised

At everyone’s silly confusion

Because you are my mom and my bestie

Is my heart’s final conclusion

Thanks mom


27) I called you mommy

When I was small

I called you mom

When I became tall

But from now on

I will only call you mother

Because your contribution

In my life, is like no other



28) Mom, you are the only one

Who never lets me fall

And even from my own undoing if I do

You help me stand back up, strong and tall

Your love is the only blessing I need

It is my only source of inspiration

It helps me sail through life’s stormy waters

Thanks, for your endless support and affection


29) Thanks for being the mom

Who could always sense

Whenever I was happy

Or when I was a bit tense

Thanks for being the mother

Who could always see

Whether there was danger

In front or behind me

Thanks for being that person

Who could always figure out

If my mind was filled with joy

Or it was gripped in doubt

Thanks for knowing everything

That went around in that head of mine

It is because of you

That my life has turned out so fine


30) Dear mom…

It would have been tough to refrain

From being judgmental

It would have been hard dealing with a kid

Like me, so vulnerable

It would have been difficult to avoid

Getting frustrated

It wouldn’t have been easy to stop

Being too irritated

But over all these feelings

You managed to take control

I just want to thank you

For in my life, playing your perfect role