I Love You Poems for Mom

Sweet poem for mom i love you thanks for everything

I Love You Poems for Mom: One measly greeting card on Mother’s Day or on a birthday is not enough for a person who tirelessly juggles jobs, children, relationships and household chores among other zillions of things. Inspirational quotes, sweet messages, adorable pins on Pinterest, cute Facebook posts and funny rhymes that celebrate her contribution in your life – give your mom a reason to feel good by saying thank you on a random day. Family life isn’t give and take per se, but it sure helps when someone appreciates all the hard work you do. Take ideas from this post to write your own original rhyme for your mother. Text it, post it, tweet it or share it – do whatever it takes to make your mom feel like she’s the got the most loving son or daughter in the whole world.


1) Mom…

From the time I dived

Into crazy new fads

To the moments when I let

Petty issues make me sad

You’ve been with me

Through it all

After all of life’s falls

You’ve helped me stand tall

Thank you


2) Mom…

Of the perfect child

I know I don’t fit the bill

But I deeply care about you

And I always will

Day in and day out

No matter how things go

My love for you is constant

This, I hope you know

I love you


3) Today is not Mother’s Day

Nor is it your birthday

Today is not your anniversary

But this poem is very necessary

You manage different roles, not just a mother

You are a decision maker and a protector

Kudos to you for being so awesome

You are the reason our lives blossom

We love you


4) I might have always been

Very nonchalant with you

A little too laid-back

And least bothered too

My attitude may have sucked

For I never cared enough

I have given you anxiety

And a time in your life, so tough

But that’s just how life’s situations

Had made things out to be

Don’t let that ever make you think

That you aren’t the world’s best mommy

I love you

Poem for mom mother's day greeting card love you poem

5) You guided me

When I refused to be guided

You protected me

When I found it silly to be protected

You cared for me

When I thought you were overdoing it

You pampered me

When I didn’t deem that fit

But as I look back over the years

In hindsight, I do realize

That I’m lucky to have a mom

Who has an ocean of love in her eyes

I love you mom


6) In the movie Transformers

Had you got any acting time

You would have been

No one else but Optimus Prime

You battle all odds

To keep us going

So we want to keep

The love flowing

Love you mom


7) Dear mom…

Oceans of the world

Can drain themselves empty

Colors from the rainbows

People may not be able to see

The warm rays of the sun

May not be enough

Fruit looms from trees

To obtain, may become tough

But there is one thing of which

There will never be any dearth

And that thing is my love for you

Which surpasses any other power on earth

I love you


8) Mothers are like flowers

Tender and delicate

One minute they laugh

The next minute their eyes are wet

Mothers are also like trees

Firm, strong and tough

They give shade and shelter

Protecting when times are rough

I love you mom

Beautiful poem for mom thanks love you

9) Mom…

This poem is just a sweet reminder

Of what you mean to me

It is just to recollect

All that you’ve done for the family

It is a cute little celebration of

All the things, you do

It is a Thanksgiving of sorts

A simple moment to say, I love you


10) My love for you, sometimes gets diluted

In our quarrels which are so deep rooted

But don’t be mistaken, I want it to be known

That it is profound, even if it is not shown

My love for you always remains strong

Even when I fight with you and I am wrong

I want to promise to be better

But teenage is such, that I may falter on my offer

Regardless of whether I stop being annoying or not

I just want to say that mom, I love you a lot


11) Sometimes I think

What I would do

If I happened to be

In place of you

Having a child like myself

Would make me go mad

All these fights

Would make me sad

I can’t begin to imagine

Being in your spot

It just makes me realize

That I love you a lot


12) You are a not just a mother

You are a superwoman

You manage everything in life

Making it seem like fun

How you can be so perfect

I will never know

But I promise, your character

In my life, will always show

I love you ma

Cute greeting card poem for mom mothers day gift

13) You’ve always taught me

To rise after every fall

Of all the cool moms out there

You are the best of them all

If everyone in my life

Was to be lined up in a queue

The one standing right ahead

Would be you

I love you


14) You are not like other moms

Who relentlessly nag

You are not like other moms

Behind their child, who always tag

You are not like other moms

Their child’s talents, who fail to see

You are not like other moms

Who don’t let their children be

You are in fact, the best mom ever

There is nothing more I could ask for

Of other things in life, I may or may not be

But of my love for you, I am 101% sure


15) Dear mom…

If I haven’t told you before

Let me tell this to you now

I love you very much

I adore you and how

Sorry for not being

Expressive about this often

The truth is that you

Are my life’s number one

I love you


16) Mom…

Today my Facebook is overflowing

With likes, comments and messages

On the picture I posted of you and me

Which shows how beautifully a relationship ages

Friends went gaga over your looks

Colleagues commented on our amazing bond

Some of my friends even left me a post

Appreciating the memories, so fond

For all that you have done for me

On Facebook, I wanted to pay you tribute

Your contribution in my life

No one can dare refute

I love you

Poem for mom the best mommy love you

17) If there were a billion ways

To express my love for you

I would have exhausted them

And looked for a few more too

Because there is no way

That can prove to be worthy

To describe how much I love

The woman I call my mommy

I love you


18) Dear mom…

It is not an easy job

To handle a daughter who is a drama queen

But you do it with finesse

A pro like you, I haven’t seen

It is not an easy job

To handle a son who is rebelliously energetic

But you handle him with such perfection

Mom you are simply fantastic

As your children, we realize how

The guiding angel of our lives is you

We know how much you love us to bits

We want you to know – we love you too


19) More than the time I spend with my friends

More than the time I while away on the internet

More than the amount of time I talk on the phone

I value your company the most, you can bet

More than all the things I own

More than all my gadgets and gizmos

More than my career and my future

I care about your worries and woes

I love you mom


20) Dear mom…

More than the chocolate brownies you make

More than the amazing cakes you bake

More than the assurances you give me

More than the opportunities in life you help me see

More than your affectionate tugs

More your lovely good night hug

Your presence in my life I value

There is no one else I love more than you

Sweet love greeting card poem for mom

21) No matter how old I become

I will always be your little one

The child you carried in your arms

With whom you shared memories, so fun

Of guessing, exactly how I feel

You always seem to have a knack

No matter how much I grow up

I know you will always watch my back

I love you


22) You are the coolest mom around

Our bond is stronger than cement

You understand my idiosyncrasies

You are truly God sent

The epitome of a good mother

You, are truly one in a million

I am lucky to have you in my life

For me, you’re second to none

I love you mommy


23) Style secrets, dating advice

Or even bullying at school

Whatever my problem is

Your solutions rule

Cleaning my room, doing my homework

Or even organizing a party

Whatever I attempt to do

You always help me

With you around in my life

I know there will never be any trouble

That is the reason, my dear mom

To me, you are so special

I love you


24) Dear mom…

You know everything I like

Whether it is about food, friends or clothes

You know everything I dislike

Whether it is about studying or the bully I loathe

You know me inside out

Because you are my lovely mum

It is because of your caring ways

That my life isn’t glum

I love you

Beautiful heart shaped love card message for mom

25) Mom, can I

Tell you something

I really don’t

Want anything

As long as I know that

I have you for everything

Because without you

My life would be nothing

I love you


26) Out of all God’s creations

There is something which is the best

It is unconditional and unlimited

And rises above the rest

That something, is the love of a mother

Which is beautiful and eternal

I am lucky to be bestowed with

A mum, who is so special

I love you


27) Working mothers like you

Should be celebrated every day

Because they are like the suns

That light up lives in many ways

That is why I won’t keep waiting

For Mother’s Day to say

I love you tons and tons

In my heart, you will always stay


28) I wish I was multilingual

Then I could write something really special

In many languages to you, I could convey

How much I love you, in every single way

By picking a different tongue on a daily basis

I would express my love and top it off with a kiss

But since I don’t have such a talent

A loving gift on Mother’s Day, is all that I’ve sent

I love you

Cute love poem to mother from son or daughter

29) Even though we have those nasty tiffs

When I am up to some mischief

Even though you end up bearing the brunt

Of my stupid actions, which make you grunt

Even though we have those heated arguments

Which lead to very stressful moments

Even though we fight, I love you like crazy

You are the best mom there could ever be

I love you


If mothers are oceans of love

You are a couple of them put together

That is because you are

A mom, like no other

If mothers are foundations of life

You have made mine really strong

All I want to say to you is that

My love for you will last lifelong