Retirement Poems for Boss: Happy Retirement Poems for Bosses

Touching poem for retirement greeting card to boss from colleagues

11) You are not leaving us

With nothing

You have given us

Almost everything

You have bestowed on us

An immortal legacy

Congratulations for retiring

With such enviable dignity


12) The perfect way to retire

Is to dream and desire

Of all the good things up ahead

While you laze around in bed

Hobbies and passions that you can reclaim

Your life will never be the same

All your fancies, you will be able to do

The best of everything, life’s about to give you



13) Dear boss…

You have been the motivation

That pushed me further

Your support and guidance

Failed me never

You were the reason

I have always smiled

Because of your help

Work never piled

You have been the cause

Of my professional success

As your retirement looms

I wish you nothing but happiness


14) The office will be

Dull from now on

After retirement

You will be forever gone

We want you to know

As you depart

You memory will be

Etched in our hearts

Happy retirement


15) You have always seen

All that the company has ever been

You have been a witness

Of the company’s steady progress

To such an enigmatic personality

Who I respect so deeply

I wish a happy retirement

Full of happiness and enjoyment


16) We can’t bear to see

Your cabin empty

We wouldn’t know how to

Pass the day without you

We won’t like to be

Placed under new authority

In short your farewell

Is something we won’t take well



17) Dear boss…

You haven’t really retired

You have become an employee

Not of an organization

But of your dear family

You will tend to your grandkids

Follow the orders of your wife

So we wish you the very best

In the new phase of your life

Happy retirement


18) Boss…

Retirement will bring you

Many mixed feelings

Due to sudden emptiness

From morning to evening

It will also bring

A lot of confusion

Along with some joy

And complete relaxation

Cherish this opportunity

Enjoy this new experience

For this is a phase in your life

Which will come only once

Good luck


19) The best part of retirement

Is that you get to ditch your formals

Strutting all day long

In your pajamas, so comfy and special

You can wake up straight at noon

Skip lunch and have coffee

You have no idea that you are

Entering a life so heavenly



20) On your retirement, boss

There is something you must know

You have been our inspiration

By being the ideal head honcho

We have always deeply admired

Your management style

We wish you could continue working

For a little more while

Happy retirement