Retirement poems for dad: Happy retirement poems for father

Retirement greeting card poem

Retirement poems for dad: Make your old man’s retirement a celebration that is worthy of all the decades of hard work and commitment he’s shown towards his job and family. Have a little family get-together as you celebrate the end of your father’s career. Write a short poem on a greeting card and present it to him as a keepsake while you say a few nice words in a speech at the family dinner table. After all, if your dad can work all his life to provide for his wife and kids, showing gratitude and making his retirement a memorable affair is the least you can do.


1) Throughout your life

You have worked hard

All the long hours

Have left you scarred

But now is the time to redeem

All your life’s work

Most of the responsibilities

You can rightfully shirk

Congratulations for reaching

This milestone finally

You are an inspiration

For your friends and family

Happy retirement


2) Retirement will bring

A phase which is new

You will able to do things

That you’ve always wanted to do

Your vantage point will change

Life will show you a different view

For a graceful period of life

Congratulations to you


3) Welcome home dad


Now you have become

An old retiree

Tending to the garden

Is all that you have to do

It is now time to begin

Your life anew

Happy retirement


4) Dear dad…

On your retirement today

You have to make us one promise

You will use all the free time

To help your kids

You will babysit your grandchildren

At any given time

You will also do other grandpa duties

Without expecting a dime

You will host the best family dinners

Which we will all attend

You will also splurge some of your savings

To buy gifts and spoil us till no end

Happy retirement


5) Dear dad…

It will be unusual

To see you in the house

Becoming a typical retiree

Grumpy and full of grouse

To see you annoying mom

It will be so funny

But that’s what retirement is for

Congratulations daddy


6) Cleaning the shelves

Moving the lawn

Babysitting the grandkids

Taking household chores, hands on

Doing the laundry

Clearing up the kitchen’s mess

After your retirement

Dad, say goodbye to happiness


7) A dream come true

Is what your retirement really is

You have won the admiration and respect

Of your family and your colleagues

Be proud of yourself, dad

For being such a great inspiration

We hope to follow your footsteps

To one day, become your reflection

Happy retirement


8) Dear dad…

You’ve had the best

Career of all

You have accomplished a lot

Always having stood tall

You have set

Quite an example

For everyone around

You were quite special

But now that your work life

Comes to a glorious finish

Happy retirement to you

Is all that I wish


9) On one hand we are sad

On the other we are happy

Now you will be home

To bug everyone daily

While we will be able

To spend more time together

Annoying and bothersome like you

There will be no other

Jokes apart dear dad

We are glad about your retirement

It is time to welcome a phase

Of fun and enjoyment


10) You can now relax by the sea

Without worrying about at work, being an absentee

Now you can sit at home sipping tea

Without stressing about the corporate tree

Now to your bosses, you don’t have to agree

Now you are a man of your own will, totally free

Dad, you are no longer an employee

Now you are a retiree

Happy retirement

Beautiful retirement card wishes

11) Start dreaming about your free life

Start thinking about how you will keep busy

Start doing the things you never did

Start being happy and carefree

Start planning your vacations

Start looking for new hobbies

Start organizing family get-togethers

Star thinking like a retiree

Happy retirement


12) Your retirement is a loss for your employer

Today your company has lost a warrior

Your retirement is again for your family

Today your kids have got back their father

We all look forward to catching up

Over family barbecues and dinners

Now we will never be disturbed

By the annoying beeps on your pager

Happy retirement dad


13) Now that we work ourselves

We realize what it must have taken

For you to work tirelessly day and night

Without being shaken

You have worked all these years

Without creating any fuss

A great inspiration, a real motivation

This is what you are to us

Happy retirement dad


14) Never being told what to do

Always being showered with hugs and kisses

Playing with the grandkids

Enjoying a romantic evening with the missus

Having meals with your children frequently

Catching up with long lost friends

Dear dad, the joys of being a retiree

You will enjoy till no end

Happy retirement


15) Retirement is not the end of your worries

It is actually the beginning of more

Your wife’s nagging will annoy you

Being treated like an oldie will be a sore

But in return, life will give

You a lot to look forward to

A lot of free time to do all the things

You have always wanted to

Happy retirement


16) Never again

Will your boss have his way

Let’s celebrate

This special day

However, the flip side

Is that now you will have a new boss

Your wife will order you around

All your free time will go for a toss

Happy retirement


17) Dear dad…

This is now your time

To put your feet up and relax

No longer will you have to worry

About work, assignments or tax

Your retirement is just days away

I bet life seems to have flown by

Enjoy this once in a lifetime moment

To hectic days, say goodbye

Happy retirement


18) Put away your suit and tie

Bring out your cozy jammies

Put away your shiny black shoes

Bring out your flip-flops and feel free

Forget stepping foot in the corporate corridors

Now it is time to sit back on your rocking chair

Forget all the stressful deadlines

Now it is time to live without a care

Happy retirement dad


19) Dad, you’ve always liked to keep yourself busy

I wonder how you will cope up with always being free

The first few days of retirement will be a sheer enjoyment

After that, boredom may cause in your life, a small dent

But knowing the kind of man that you are

I am sure you will squeeze the best out of this life’s beautiful phase

Because you have always embraced positivity and optimism

Your retirement will certainly be full of fun, happiness and grace

Happy retirement


20) Your grandkids will finally get to spend

A lot of time with their grandpa

They will curiously listen to your stories

As you go blah, blah, blah

You have a chance to be a role model

You can inspire your grandchildren

With your towering personality

And most importantly, your life’s wisdom

Happy retirement

Beautiful wish for a happy retirement card

21) Your wife will say welcome back

Your boss will say goodbye

Your children will say well done

Your grandkids will probably cry

Your friends will say cheers

Your colleagues will say farewell

Your family will say hurray

I Am Free, is what you will probably yell

Happy retirement


22) Dad, one of the biggest advantages of being a retiree

Is that you will be the master of your own will

But retirement also comes with a few obligations

Which through your spine, might send a chill

Now you won’t be able to excuse yourself out

Of family get-togethers, dinners and other events

Because you won’t be able to use work

As an excuse to be absent

So be prepared to bring out your social butterfly

This is something you will have to do

Whether you like it or not

On that note, happy retirement to you


23) Dad, it is great that you have retired

But never become complacent in life

Make every single day count

Live it up with your kids and wife

Go out, travel, pick up a new hobby

Keep yourself busy, do something new

This is the secret to enjoying retirement

Wishing the very best to you


24) Dad, as your career comes to an end

We are all very proud of you

You have not just provided for the family

You have spoilt us silly too

You have sacrificed and toiled

It will be difficult to fill your shoes

But we will try out best

That is the least we can do

Happy retirement


25) Such a wonderful career you have had

Simply exemplary, truly motivational

All your colleagues have nothing but praise

For the man who has always been inspirational

Everyone in your family are indebted to you

For the level of commitment you have shown

Dad, by setting the perfect example of how a life should be

The seeds of success in our lives, you have sown

Happy retirement