Farewell Poems for Boss: Goodbye Poems

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Farewell Poems for Boss: Inspirational quotes, messages that reek gratefulness, touching notes on greeting cards, funny speeches and stirring words to say goodbye – all this and a lot more is the order of the day when a great leader walks out the door. If it is your boss’ last day in the office, use the opportunity to say Thank You for all the support, motivation and mentorship that was given to you and your colleagues. It is your chance to break out of the professional boundaries, and express genuine gratitude. Whether it is retirement or a new job – plan a farewell speech that highlights the ups and downs of your professional relationship. From a tearful goodbye to an awesome farewell party, give your boss a day to remember. And after all the dust settles, share memories of the celebration on Facebook and Pinterest.


1) You empowered us

With the power of knowledge

You motivated us

With the best tutelage

You helped us move ahead

With unending motivation

As a leader and a human being

You are a true inspiration



2) My professional accomplishments

Are a result of your mentorship

Without your direction

I would have been on a downward trip

A significant part of my professional life

Has been molded by you

I will miss you in your absence

As you leave for opportunities anew



3) We felt safe and secure

We felt wanted and needed

We felt confident and sure

We felt listened to, and attended

This is how we have always felt

With you as our boss

Your resignation is without doubt

Our biggest loss

Giving you a grand farewell

Is the least we can do

Today we all gather and say

We will dearly miss you



4) My biggest achievement in the company so far

Is that I have absorbed every word you have said

My biggest accomplishment in this job so far

Is that by a mentor like you, I have been led

My biggest satisfaction in work so far

Is that I had a chance to work with a person like you

But my biggest complaint in my career so far

Is that you are leaving us for a company new


Farewell poem for boss leaving goodbye speech colleagues

5) The biggest challenge

In losing a leader like you

Is learning how to cope up

With someone new

There is no other professional

Who can fill your shoes

Your absence is a blow

Which will leave a bad bruise



6) You may move to a new company, in a new atmosphere

But I am sure you will not get the love you got here

You may move to a new building and a new space

But of our admiration for you, there will be no trace

That is the reason we want you to stay back

Without harassing you, we will cut you some slack

Please come back to being our favorite chief

Only then, we will heave sigh of relief



7) It is a pity that you are not going

To be around here anymore

Not seeing you in your cabin

Is going to be an eyesore

Poking you with our problems

Has always felt very nice

Now we won’t have

Anyone to go to, for advice



8) Your voice, your actions, your demeanor

Every bit of you, we are going to miss for sure

Your sense of humor and sense of style

We will fondly remember for quite a while

Your skills, your abilities and your star qualities

Will be recalled, along with other memories

Now can you see, how much we loved you

Which we will always continue to

Farewell boss

Motivational poem for boss leadership thank you

9) From milestones and targets

To motivation and progress

From failures and setbacks

To moving ahead and success

You stood with us

Through all these things

Your leadership is what

Has given us wings



10) Dear boss…

You are one of the few leaders

Who has not just been a tough cookie

But also a guide and a mentor

Who never treats anyone like a rookie

You have been an illuminating light

In the careers of many an employee

Having to see you go

Is the worst feeling there could ever be



11) Boss…

If our company had a face

It would be crying right now

If it had expressions

It would be depressed and how

If the company had feelings

It would be in total anguish

Not losing an employee like you

Would be its only wish



12) Your new job may be a bed of roses for you

But you will not get employees like us again

Your new job may give you a lot of perks

But the camaraderie in your new team will not be same

You have no idea, how much we’ll miss you, boss

Without your presence here, we will be at a loss

Your departure is our regret and someone else’s gain

On seeing you go, we all have felt much pain


Poem for boss cute say thank you colleagues for support

13) Boss…

Your leadership and support

Are the reason for my progress

Without your guidance

I would have been a mess

I owe you heaps

For pushing me harder

Your inspirational words

Have changed my life forever

Thanks for everything


14) We can think of many reasons

To not let you go

Because your absence will

Disrupt our workflow

You not being here

Will cause panic and mayhem

Without you, our workload

Will pile up and overwhelm

There are many more reasons

With which, we can continue

Bottom line is that we really

Admire a boss like you



15) To become a leader like you

Is not an easy feat

You are a person who

Never fails or accepts defeat

Like you, I want to be smart

Like you, I want to win corporate wars

I want my career chart

To be exactly like yours



16) The real meanings of

Motivation and inspiration

Along with other words like

Commitment and determination

Can’t be taught by books

They can only be learnt by

Learning from a leader

Who can help you fly

You’re one such boss

Who’s helped us a lot

All the stuff that from books

Can never be taught


Sweet goodbye poem for boss farewell sad to see you go

17) Everyone deserves to get

A boss and a mentor like you

That is why we won’t

Ask you forcefully to continue

Just like we benefitted so much

From your tutelage and guidance

Others too deserve an opportunity

To work with you at least once

With such feelings we bid you

A tearful goodbye

Happy knowing that now you will

Help others reach the sky



18) Boss…

We were like a well oiled machine

Following your orders, gave us our sheen

But now that you have decided to move on

We will miss you after you are gone

In life, whichever way you go

Your leadership will always show

To a great leader and a good human being

We take a bow



19) I have never seen you exhausted

I have never seen you burnt out

I can never imagine you to retire

You have always been up and about

Even though you are about give up work

And your illustrious career is about to end

I hope you purse your future dreams

Good wishes to you, I send



20) Boss…

Our loss has become

Someone else’s gain

For others it’s a boon

But for us, it is a bane

While others will benefit

From your skills and talent

We will be at our desks

Drowned in sadness and lament

While another company plans

For you, a grand welcome

We will start getting used to

A work life which is humdrum


Beautiful farewell card poem to boss from colleagues

21) Boss…

We bid you farewell

Not out of a mere formality

But because you’ll be missed

By each one of us dearly

We hate to say goodbye

And see you go elsewhere

Don’t forget to think of us

When you have a moment spare

Please also remember that

We’re just a phone call away

You can always call us when

You are having a bad day



22) All our meetings will become lifeless

All our team sessions will be dull

All our lunch breaks will be glum

All our brainstorming sessions will come to a lull

Without your inspirational words

The office will be a sorry sight

We will miss the person

Whose leadership was a symbol of might



23) Because you have the Midas touch

We all like you very much

Because efficiency always follows you

We love doing what you tell us to

Because you get along with everyone so well

You are the boss, no one can tell

But now that you will be gone

Without you, we will have no one to lean on



24) One of the best decisions of your life

Has had the worst impact on your subordinates

We never thought you would leave us

More than colleagues, we were like mates

Your larger than life presence in the office

Has always had a very calming effect

Your endless support, we will dearly miss

Because as a boss, you were so perfect


Touching farewell speech poem to boss at work

25) Your memories will leave

A sweet aftertaste

The time we spend after you go

Will seem like such a waste

Your absence will make us

Sit back and reminisce

That having a boss like you

Had made life so full of bliss

As we regret your resignation

From the company

We want you to remember

That we’ll miss you ardently



26) Boss…

I never knew I would cry

While saying goodbye

I never knew I would sob

Because you got another job

But the essence of all this

Is that you, I will dearly miss

If you come back soon

That would be a real boon



27) In everyone’s life, there is always one person

Who gets all the admiration

Whose image, is nothing less than an idol

Whose support is rock solid, like a wall

Who becomes the epitome of perfection

Whose commands are followed with devotion

Who in my life is you, a fact you cannot refute

Not just a goodbye, to you this is a special tribute



28) I don’t know who gave you the permission

To leave us in this condition

Today I may be bidding you farewell

But actually I am mourning the loss of a boss so swell

I would like to be your boss for a day

To put my foot down to firmly say

That you will not be leaving us

You’ll have to obey my orders, without a fuss

Sweet goodbye poem to boss from co-workers and colleagues

29) Dear boss…

As you clear your cabin and leave

A sigh of relief as you heave

As you pack your things once and for all

As you gather memories, big and small

As you say your final goodbyes

As you have tears in your eyes

We will only say one thing today

We all wish that you could just stay



30) Your resignation comes as a shock

Because we never thought you would leave

The end of your tenure is unexpected

Your departure is hard to believe

A new company, a new team

Will get to work with you and grow

Boss, we will miss you

We hope, that, you know