I love you poems for ex-boyfriend

Rhyming quote about unrequited love and heartbreak

21) Even though you walked

All over me

I wonder why I still

Miss you so dearly

Even though you trampled

All over my soul

In my life I wonder

Why I still miss your role

I love you like crazy

I am surprised that I still care

Although you left me stranded

In the middle of nowhere


22) You may have moved on by now

Something that I still haven’t been able to do

I wonder how you are going about with your life

It is something I can’t think of without you

You seem to have taken everything

With a pinch salt and gulped it down

But it has left a bitter taste in my mouth

And on my face, nothing but a frown

I wish this wasn’t the kind of stuff

That we both had to go through

Because I miss you like hell

I hope you miss me badly too

I love you


23) I will always love you

Until my dying day

In the depths of my heart

You will always stay

Just because you are my ex

Doesn’t mean I will forget

I hope you haven’t moved on

From our love just yet

I love you


24) The memory of each day

That we spent together

Will always be engraved

In my heart forever

I wonder how it would be

If you were still here

Come back, take me in your arms

I still love you, dear


25) I hate you

I want to take revenge

Your actions and deeds

I want to avenge

I hate the very thought

Of having loved you before

All your cheating has made me

Really numb and sore

But even after all this

There is a part of me

Which misses you ever day

I guess I will love you until eternity