I love you poems for ex-boyfriend

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I love you poems for ex-boyfriend: Why something so beautiful as puppy love has to turn into something so nasty as a broken heart, no one will ever find out. But the truth is that breakups hurt like hell. The heartbreak of being away from the sweet guy you had been dating all this while is a pain like no other. If you are still hurting from your breakup and your mind is set on getting back with your boyfriend, write your feelings down in a short rhyme. Send it to him as a romantic text or a private message on Facebook and WhatsApp. Find out how he feels about giving your relationship another shot – maybe his heart still beats for you.


1) My dreams are still about you

So are my nightmares

I have come to realize

For you, I still care

My hopes have only you

Written all over them

Even when I think of you today

You don’t cease to overwhelm

I still feel messed up

When it comes to you

My friends say I am still in love

Maybe that is true

I love you


2) I am not angry

I am not upset

For I am still not over

Our breakup yet

I am not wild at all

I am not in stress

It’s just that our breakup

Has left me in a mess

I am at such a strange place

My heart is not here nor there

I can see only you

When I look around everywhere

I love you


3) My attempts to forget you

Always seem to be in vain

This tiff with myself

Is driving me insane

I try to get you out of my head

But somehow you return

The very thought of you

Makes my stomach churn

Maybe I should give all this

Some more time and space

Maybe I should stop dreaming

That our destinies will again embrace

I love you


4) I still think we can cut it out as a pair

I still believe that we are meant to be

Let’s just put our past behind

Let’s put an end to all this misery

All our differences were just a small

Bump in our beautiful journey

Let’s move on and make things right

I miss being your girlfriend, terribly


5) I am so angry at myself

For missing you

I am so devastated

For expecting something new

I am so frustrated

For feeling guilty about us

I am so exasperated

For creating all this fuss

The real problem is

That I am still trying to cope

From the horrors of our breakup

I am still trying to elope

I love you


6) My heartbeat spikes

My adrenaline rushes

My pulse quickens

My blood freezes

My stomach twists

My insiders turn

Your memory makes

My eyes burn

I go through this

Every time I think of you

Please tell me you feel this rush

When you miss me too

I love you


7) I know I have to accept

That you aren’t mine anymore

The more I think about it

My heart becomes so sore

I know I need to admit

That we both are done and dusted

But the more I try to do that

The more I feel so busted

I still love you


8) Calling you a friend

Is a compromise

Our breakup is one thing

That I have come to despise

On your body and soul

I wish I still had the right

I never knew I would

Miss you with all my might

I love you


9) Maybe we could try

Just a wee bit more

Maybe we could make it again

By letting our love soar

Maybe we could attempt

To stash the past away

Maybe, just maybe

We can get back together someday

I love you


10) It shouldn’t have taken me

A breakup to realize

That you are my real trophy

You are my real prize

It shouldn’t have cost me

An ugly separation

To realize that you are

My prized possession

I love you