I love you poems for ex-boyfriend

Heartbreaking love poem for ex-boyfriend

11) I can’t bear to think

That you will date once again

I don’t know how I will

Tolerate that pain

I can’t imagine the fact

That you will kiss another girl

On that dreaded day

All agony will unfurl

I brush away these thoughts

I try to forget them too

But they keep coming back to me

No matter what I do

I love you


12) Things could have been perfect

If we didn’t act so immature

Nothing would have been broken

We would be together for sure

Things could have been different

Then and even now

We can still be happy together

Blissfully and how

I love you


13) I don’t know how you feel

But I feel bruised and battered

My life has come to a standstill

My heart is completely shattered

I need a reassuring hug from you

To put me out of this misery and pain

I can’t believe we have been torn apart

But I will never let my love go in vain

I love you


14) No matter how much I curse you

No matter how many abuses I hurl

Without you I feel

Like a lonesome and weary girl

No matter how much I blame you

No matter how much I hold you guilty

Without you I feel

So unfulfilled and lonely

I love you


15) Pain, agony and suffering

Right now are very rife

You are not an ex for me

You are not the past of my life

I can’t let go of you

Or your memories

Missing you is something

That may never cease

I love you


16) Moving on from our relationship

To finally let you go

Is something I don’t believe in

Is what I want you to know

Even though you are away

From me physically

My heart will always love you


I love you


17) I may try to move on

But my heart won’t come with me

It refuses to abandon

Every single memory

Which we have made together

Something that will always remain

Even though it gives my heart

Unfaltering pain

I just want you to know

That I am still waiting

Somehow you will come back

I am still hoping

I love you


18) Each step I take

Reminds me of you

I wonder if our breakup

Affects you like this too

From the time I wake up

Until I snooze

To quit my heart and leave

Your memories refuse

I love you


19) I don’t know if you miss

What I miss so badly

My sweet koala hug

Or our kisses so lusty

I wonder whether you remember

What I remember so fondly

Playing with your hair

Caressing you endlessly

I love you


20) I still think about

What you must be doing

My heart still doesn’t tire

Of wistfully hoping

About being together once more

My heart believe it can be true

Let’s make it happen

Baby, I still love you