I Love You Poems for Daughter

Beautiful I love you card message to daughter from her father

21) I will stick by you, even when you are wrong

I will comfort you, when your nights are long

I will be next to you, in times of sorrow

I will make you smile, when you feel low

I will watch over you, when you are weak

I will guide you, when the future looks bleak

I will be there for you, whenever you need me

I will always love you, my beloved baby


22) You make us smile widely

You make us laugh heartily

You make our lives a smooth ride

You make us puff up with pride

You make us feel so grateful

You also make us feel beautiful

Dear daughter, you have become

The one who makes our lives awesome

We love you


23) My darling daughter

Without you

Even a single day

I cannot make do

My sweet princess

Without you

My life wouldn’t be able

To continue

I love you


24) My life wouldn’t have been

Such a joyful ride

If you wouldn’t have always

Been by my side

My journey wouldn’t have been

So meaningful and memorable

If not for a daughter like you

Who is so truly special

I love you


25) The gift that God gave me

For being a good mother

Is a baby like you who turned out

To be the world’s best daughter

The rewards that God gave me

For being a loving parent

Is a wonderful child like you

Who gives no reason for lament

But the biggest prize

On me, which God bestowed

Is your innocent smile

Which sees me through life’s lows

I love you


26) You are the daughter

Parents dream to get

Everyone out there

Is jealous of me I bet

You are the princess

Every mum and dad would love

You are our little angel

Sent from the heavens above

I love you


27) My dearest daughter…

Every moment of your life

Is etched in my mind so deep

That I can recount the years

Even during my sleep

Every yawn that you took

Every step that you crawled

How you eventually grew up

To be beautiful, pretty and tall

I can’t forget a single thing

About your loving childhood

I love you from my deepest core

I hope you’ve now understood


28) High as the sky

Deep as the sea

Is how much you are

Loved by the family

Wide as the desert

Long as the eucalyptus

Is how much you are

Loved by all of us

We love you


29) I love you like there is

No tomorrow

Without you I would

Feel really low

I love you like no other

Person ever could

I love you like any other

Proud parent should

I will always love my daughter

Until my dying day

These feelings that I have for you

Is all that I wanted to convey

I love you


30) I fear the day

You will go to college

I can’t even imagine

The day of your marriage

Yes, I am a bit protective

But only because I am your dad

Every moment spent apart

Will make me nothing but sad

I love you