I Love You Poems for Daughter

Inspirational poem for daughter from parents

I Love You Poems for Daughter: When was the last time you told your daughter how much you love her? If you are parents to a teenage daughter, write a sweet handwritten note and slip it into her backpack. If you are a daddy to a young independent girl pursuing her dreams, post a cute message on her Facebook. If you are a mom to a daughter who is a mother herself, remind her of all the funny childhood memories by writing a touching rhyme in lovely letter. Watching a little daughter grow up into a beautiful young lady is a pleasure like no other. Life is too fickle to keep waiting for special occasions to express your love with a dull greeting card. Steal every possible opportunity to let your daughter know how much you love being her doting parents.


1) I love you for what you are

And what you can be

I love you for the potential

In you, that I can see

I love you for standing up

For what you believe in

I love the way you trust

Your voice from within

I love you for being

Such a caring person

Dear daughter, you are

Nothing but awesome

I love you


2) You are unaware

Of what you mean to me

For you don’t know

What is it is to be

A dad to a daughter

So lovely and nice

Sweetheart, you are

My life’s biggest prize

I love you


3) A daughter is like a treasure trove

Full of smiles, laughter and love

She is like an antique wooden chest

Filled with memories that are the best

Just like a colorful a box of sweets

A daughter is full of delights and treats

I feel blessed to have such a daughter

Here’s hoping I can be a worthy father

I love you


4) To my dearest daughter…

I want you to be little

Forever and ever

I want you to grow up

Absolutely never

In my loving arms

I want you to always stay

I don’t want you to

Ever go away

I love you


5) To see you all grown up

Full of confidence and beauty

To see you all mature

So suave and savvy

To see you so successful

In your life’s prime

I feel proud of myself

As a parent all the time

I love you


6) I am fond of you because

You think I am the strongest

If there was such a word

You would call me the bestest

I adore you because

You make me feel like a hero

Like a magician with a wand

Who can take away your sorrow

I love you because

You are my princess

The source of all

My joy and happiness

I love you… from dad


7) Little dolls grow up

To be beautiful girls like you

But the ones that grow up

To be swans are very few

Little girls take no time

In becoming princesses vain

But you have never let

Your dignity wane

Graceful and intelligent

You have grown up to be

You are truly treasured

By your mommy and daddy

We love you


8) I’ve said it on Facebook

I’ve said it on Twitter

I’ve shown it on Instagram

I’ve let it out in the atmosphere

I’ve said it again and again

And I will say it once more

My daughter is the sweetest girl

That any parent ever bore

I love you


9) Your journey

From being girly

To becoming

A beautiful lady

As a father

For me to see

Has been nothing but

Eternally lovely

I love you


10) I want to experience happiness

By seeing your success

I want to experience delight

By seeing you do things that are right

I want to experience sheer pride

By seeing you smiling wide

I want to experience enjoyment

By seeing your accomplishments

I want to experience being a good mother

By cherishing every moment with my daughter

I love you