I Love You Poems for Daughter

Sweet love poem to daughter from dad or mom

11) Never doubt the fact

That you are the prettiest

Don’t ever be confused

Of the fact that you are the best

Never belittle yourself

Over things that are trivial

Don’t underrate yourself

For you, are very special

Less than what you are

Don’t ever care to portray

Never forget that you have

My love till my dying day

I love you


12) Everyone is

Meant to be

A mix of sweet

And savory

But you my darling

Are sweet all the way

You make my life

Worth living everyday

I love you


13) Dear daughter…

In you, I believe

For you, new dreams I weave

In you, I trust deeply

For you, my vision is lofty

In you, I have confidence

For you, I want joy in abundance

In you, I have a strong hope

For you, with anything I can cope

I love you


14) Real beauty does not lie

In makeup or lipstick

Nor does it lie in good clothes

Or any other gimmick

Beauty lies in the radiance

Of your lovely smile

Which is so innocent that

It makes hearts stop for a while

No matter what happens

Don’t let this innocence go

The fact that I’ll always love you

Daddy wants you to know


15) Sometimes I wonder

What good I must have done

To get a daughter like you

Such a wonderful one

Sometimes I can’t stop thinking

What blessings I must have got

To get a daughter like you

Who loves me a lot

But then I realized that I

Could probably be

God’s favorite child who got

An angel for a baby

I love you


16) All the things in life

That I couldn’t do

Will be completed

By a daughter like you

All those dreams in life

That I couldn’t accomplish

Will be fulfilled by you

Along with every wish

All those hopes and desires

That I had all along

Will be lived through you

My daughter, so strong

I love you


17) I want your every passion

Each and every ambition

To be fulfilled with dedication

And fervent devotion

For which I will give you motivation

Along with lots of inspiration

So that you live life with conviction

As your father, this is my life’s vision

I love you


18) Anything which is beautiful

Reminds us of you

Whether it is the rain

Or drops of delicate dew

Anything which is tranquil

Reminds us of you

Whether it is a sunset

Or the skies so blue

Anything which is extraordinary

Is always synonymous

With our daughter who is

Loved so much by us

We love you


19) Saying I love you to my daughter

Never seems to be enough

Staying away from you

Is becoming tough

Even when I am at work

All I can think of is you

I hope when you are at school

You think of me this way too

I love you


20) My dearest daughter…

No matter how much we fight

Regardless of how you are not right

No matter how much you yell

Even though things between us aren’t always swell

No matter how much you frown and glare

Promising never again to share or care

Everything eventually becomes alright

The moment I hug you good night

I love you