I love you poems for dad

Cute father-daughter poem

21) Strength of a stone

Foundation of a rock

Dear dad, you have been

My building block

Wings of an angel

Halo of the Almighty

Dear dad, you are

Everything for me

I love you


22) There are fantastic dads

There are amazing fathers

And then there is you

Perfect all-in-one packages

Without any flaws

Like you are very few

I love you dad


23) Dear dad…

I consider myself the luckiest chap ever

To have grown up under the watch of such a loving father

Recollecting these precious memories of my childhood

Is a rare pleasure like no other

Every son dreams of one day

Becoming a man, more successful than his dad

But I have no such plans because you are

The best father anyone could ever have had

I love you


24) Father’s Day is too short

Parents’ Day gets over in a jiffy

Your birthday too is no good

It passes by so quickly

The entire year flies by

Without giving me a warm opportunity

To tell you how much I will always

Love you dearly


25) Even when your towering presence, I don’t see

I know that you are always with me

By your rules, even if I don’t abide

I know that you will always be by my side

At the end of the day

You will always love me, come what may

I love you dad