I love you poems for dad

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I love you poems for dad: You are never too old to give your old man a hug and tell him how much he means to you. Birthdays and Father’s Day are typically the only times dads get appreciated for what they do all year round. Instead of waiting for that perfect moment, write a sweet rhyme on a greeting card and give your dad something to smile about on a random day. Your cute effort at making him feel loved will melt his heart into a gooey blob. After all, it doesn’t take a lot to make a doting dad happy. A warm hug from his son or daughter is all it takes for the troubles of his life to vanish away.


1) One day I will become more mature

One day I will become a young lady

But I will never forget my first love

The man to whom I owe my life – my daddy

One day I will grow up and move out

One day I will be away from your watchful eyes

But no matter where I go, I will hold you close

My daddy – the man who helped me fly

I love you


2) You are the first man

Who held me in your palms

You are the first man

Who carried me in your arms

You are the first man

Who gave me a kiss

You are the first one

Who taught me what love is

You are the only man

Who I consider to be idol

Dad, you are and always will be

The man who is most special

I love you


3) Every time that I have succeeded

I owe it to your advice that I heeded

Every time my ambitions took a fall

It was you who helped me stand tall

Every time I felt a surge of fear

You let me hide beneath your veneer

Every time I howled and cried

To cheer me up, you tried

Every time I thought of you dad

You kept me from being sad

I love you


4) If all dads were as loving as you

In the world, there would be no distress

If all the dad were as caring as you

The world would be full of happiness

If all dads were as generous as you

The world would be a better place

If all dads were as handsome as you

Everyone would have a good looking face

But since all dads are not like you

I consider myself to be lucky

I thank my destiny and fate

For giving me you – my dearest daddy

I love you


5) Sometimes you are my best friend

Sometimes you act like my mother

But all the other times

You are a sweet daddy, like no other

Sometimes you make me happy

Sometimes you make me mad

But all the other times

You are my oh so loving dad

I love you


6) Hugging dads like you is the best way

To start each and every day

Dads like you are the perfect recipe

To drive away pain and misery

Dads like you are the prefect concoction

To fill life with joy and appreciation

Dads like you are people

Who make lives of kids like me so special

I love you


7) In the end

I know very well

All my troubles will be gone

Everything will be swell

This confidence and panache

Seems to be hereditary

For I am the son of a cool guy

Who I call daddy

I love you


8) When I was learning to ride

I fell again and again

But instead of scooping me up

You allowed me to feel the pain

Hurt but determined

I rose to try once more

And I rode the bicycle so well

That I began to soar

It is because you didn’t help me

That I became independent

Making me realize what it means

To be a father that very moment

I love you


9) You held me firmly in my place

By being my anchor

You showed me the right way in life

By being my teacher

You taught me right from wrong

By being my mentor

You never made me feel any paucity

By being my provider

Sometimes you also filled the shoes

Of being my loving mother

You are the most important person in my life

I love you, my dear father


10) You have given me the gift

Of excellence

Which I have chased

With so much perseverance

You have given me the gift

Of zeal and ambition

Which I have chased

With might and dedication

You have given me the gift

Of a very good life

Which I am trying to live

Free of pain or strife

For filling my life with every

Important virtue

Dearest daddy, I will

Always love you