I love you poems for dad

I love you poem for dad

11) Life-giving

Utterly Doting

Supremely caring

Extremely loving

Really incredible

Totally special

Truly valuable

Dad, you’re exceptional

I love you


12) As a kid I must have been

So uncontrollable and crazy

I wonder how you still

Managed to tolerate me

As an adolescent I know

I was so carefree and wild

But your demeanor with me

Never changed from being mild

During my growing years

I still didn’t change my ways

But you never let me out

From your distant yet watchful gaze

As much I hated you

For your nagging behavior

Today I realize, dad

That you are my real savior

I love you


13) Just like you

I want to wear a crisp suit

Just like you

I want to have the power to refute

Just like you

I want to be of significance

Just like you

I want to have an air of importance

Just like you

I want to provide for my family

You are my idol

In every possible way, daddy

I love you


14) Just like how every single morning

Must start with a hot coffee

I cannot pass the day without

Talking to my daddy

He voice like the dose of caffeine

That awakens my soul and body

He is the reason for my life

My heartbeat and my energy

I love you dad


15) More dads

Need to be like you

More like a cheery red

Less like a dull blue

More fathers

Need to have your vibe

I wish more power

To you tribe

I love you dad


16) Whether people call me a smart guy

Or they call me brainy

They should redirect their praise

To you, my dear daddy

For you are the only reason

My genes are what they are

Taking birth as your son is what

Has made me a real superstar

I love you


17) The memories of my childhood

So unforgettable

Your love and affection for me

So palpable

Your protection during adolescence

So advisable

Your guidance during teenage

So sensible

That is why my love for you is

So insatiable

For me, you are the man

Who is so very special

I love you dad


18) Adios bad luck

Goodbye demons mighty

So long scary ghosts

Bye-bye banshee

My dad is here

He will scare you all away

He is the bravest of all

Get ready for your D-Day

I love you dad


19) I hope I have been able to do

All the things that you always wanted me to

I hope I have been able to fulfill

Your dreams, aspirations and your will

I hope I have been able to be

The man you always wanted to make out of me

I love you dad


20) Life would be a field

Barren and full of sand

If you weren’t around

To make it a lush green land

I know that for ever and ever

You will be there to make us smile

As long as you are our father

The land of our dreams will always be fertile

I love you