I Like You Poems for Guys: Poems for a Crush

Cute poem to ask out a guy crush

21) I have never been adventurous

Right now, I am a bit nervous

I am a shy girl by heart

So I really don’t know where to start

Right from the way you make me smile

To your cute and handsome style

Everything about you, I simply adore

Being just friends, I can take no more



22) I like you not only because

You are so cute

I like you because

You are a true gent from your roots

I like you not only because

You are so handsome

I like you because

You make my heart hum

I like you not only because

You are so hot

I like you because

A warm heart, you have got


23) Do you like coffee, slightly bitter

Or do you like sweet ice cream better

Do you like KFC

Or do you prefer to have just tea

Do you like hot chocolate

Or do you want to sample a sushi plate

Why I am asking you this, can’t you see

I hope that you will go out on a date with me


24) These days I love to spend time

Browsing Facebook and Instagram

So I can look at your pictures

Which seem sweeter than jam

I secretly follow you on Twitter

Under different usernames

But today I want to confess

And stop playing these silly games

I want you to see what is going on

In my heart, through and through

Call it a crush, call it attraction

Call it whatever you want, I like you


25) Even the cutest pin on Pinterest

Cannot justify how cute I find you

Even the funniest tweet on Twitter

Cannot match your adorable chatter

Even the most viral video on YouTube

Cannot make me smile as much

As how I dream about giving you

A tender hug and feeling your touch

I like you


26) Nothing in this world

Is as cool as you

Not even One Direction

Not even their crazy tattoos

Nothing in this world

Is as cute as you

Not even a puppy

Not even a baby kangaroo

Nothing in this world

Is as sweet as you

Not even chocolate

Not even the best fondue

I like you


27) To your handsome charms

My heart has given its reaction

I may have fallen into love

I may have succumbed to attraction

This girl has given up

On holding back her feelings for you

She thinks it is time to stop being friends

And start a romantic relationship new

I like you


28) I don’t know how to say

I don’t know which words to utter

To tell you that when I see you

In my heart, there is a bit of a flutter

I hope this cute little poem

Shows my feelings, so true

I have the hots for you boy

I have a big crush on you


29) It must be written in our fates

For both of us to meet

Boy I confess that I

Find you hot and sweet

It must have been in our destiny

To cross each others’ ways

Every since I saw you

I have had dreamy days

I like you


30) I sing without

Any reason

Even when I am bored

Somehow I have fun

A smile is pasted

On my face always

Like never before I am

Feeling things these days

Something has changed

I just don’t know what

I feel heady and high

Without taking a shot

Maybe it has something

To do with your presence

I think we should go on a date

To confirm it once

I like you