I Like You Poems for Guys: Poems for a Crush

I like you card to a guy from a girl

11) Whenever I think of you

My eyes get a dreamy hue

Whenever we meet

My heart goes woo-hoo

Whenever we talk

My tongue starts to slip and slew

Whenever we hug

My body sticks to you like glue

Whenever we say goodbye

My heart starts feeling blue

I am telling you all this

Because I like you


12) There is something about you

That has smitten me

There is a love bug in the air

That has bitten me

There is a magnet inside you

That has attracted me

Everything about you

Has distracted me

The aura around you

Has captivated me

Since the day I’ve seen you

Nothing else has satiated me

I like you


13) Is it your sweet smile

Is it your messy hairdo

I can’t seem to zero in

On why I like you

Maybe I will never find out

But I really don’t care

All I know for sure

Is that we’d make a hot pair


14) I haven’t been eating as usual

All day, I just feel blue

I haven’t been sleeping well

And I blame it all on you

I have the biggest crush

A feeling that I cannot undo

I feel frustrated and nervous

Not knowing whether you like me too


15) You are cuter

Than Harry Styles

He is no match

You are better by miles

You are more adorable

Than Bradley Cooper

Everything you touch

Becomes totally dapper

You are hotter

Than Justin Bieber

Looking at you

Gives me the shivers

You are hunkier

Than Hugh Jackman

I hope you realize

That I am your big fan


16) I am a girl

You are a guy

I like you

Do you know why?

Your cute smile

Has got me floored

I can keep talking about you

I will never get bored

Your good looks

Have got me attracted

Your charming personality

Has got me enchanted


17) School has become great

All of a sudden

Doing group study

Has become fun

Taking bus rides back

Is no more a chore

Waking up everyday

Is no more a bore

The sunrise these days

Means just one thing to me

That I get to see you

And crush on you constantly

I like you


18) I cannot describe how I feel

When our eyes meet

I get a funny feeling in my tummy

Which is bitterly nervous yet sweet

I cannot say how I feel

When I dream about us two

It takes me in a magical wonderland

Because I fancy you, I like you


19) You are exactly

The type of guy

Who makes me blush

And feel really shy

You are exactly

The kind of guy

Who gives me the shivers

And makes me wanna fly

You are exactly

The sort of guy

Who makes me smile

With a sparkle in my eyes

I like you


20) I may sound a little desperate

But I really don’t care

I have to tell you the truth

I must lay my feelings bare

I don’t want to be your friend

I want our relationship to grow

Yes, I am asking you out

And I hope, you won’t say no