I Like You Poems for Guys: Poems for a Crush

Sweet i like you poem for him

I Like You Poems for Guys: Wondering how to ask your crush out on a date? Take ideas from these sweet poems to write your own rhyme on a greeting card for him. It is difficult to ask a guy out because no girl wants to sound desperate. The trick is to make your proposal sound cute and funny in a very innocent way. Use silly yet romantic quotes to tell him subtly how much you love gazing into his dreamy eyes. If sending a card seems a tad too cheeky, post your short poem on Facebook, Pinterest, text message, Twitter or in an email.


1) You come in my dreams

You come in my thoughts

Your cute face and dreamy eyes

Have melted my heart in knots

Whether it is morning or noon

Whether it is evening or night

I just can seem to get you

Out of my mind or sight

Come, pacify my beating heart

Yes, I have fallen for you

Give me a nice warm hug

And say that you like me too


2) My mind tells me that you

Could be a heartbreaker

My heart tells me that you

Could be my life’s anchor

My gut tells me that you

Could be the man of my dreams

The only way to find the truth

Is to ask you out, it seems

I like you


3) Since the day our eyes met

I just can’t stop dreaming

Since the day we had a chat

My heart just doesn’t stop singing

Humming bubbly pop tunes

Has become a habit of mine

Your pictures on Facebook

Give me my daily shine

I had a crush on you since the beginning

These feelings are nothing new

I have not told this to you before

But I like you, I really do


4) I really don’t believe

That all guys are the same

I think that you are different

From those who are just lame

Nice guys like you are rare

Cute guys like you are few

My crush on you is getting bigger

Needless to say, I like you


5) Every time I get a Facebook notification

Every time I see a new tweet

I hope it is from you

Because I find you too sweet

Every time I look at you

Every time we are in the same room

I just can’t stop staring at you

And my heart just goes BOOM

I like you


6) Even though we know each other

Since hardly a couple of weeks

Being around you all this time

Has made my heart squeak

I think we should go out for coffee

Just the two of us alone

So I can get some privacy

And make my feelings known

I hope this isn’t awkward

I hope you aren’t shocked

I have a crush on you

My heart, you have totally rocked


7) I am sick and tired

Of being friends with you

I want to end this boring friendship

And start a relationship new

I want to confess my crush today

I no longer want to pretend

That I don’t find you cute

Can we be more than just friends?


8) I’ve been stealing moments

Here and there

I’ve been darting my eyes

Around everywhere

I’ve been cherishing

Every chance that I’ve got

To gape at you

And stare a lot

I have a thing for you

Of that I am sure

I have a crush on you

Which is innocent and pure

I like you


9) I can’t think of any reason

That I shouldn’t ask you out

I have been nervous all this while

But today, I am going to shout it out

Boy, you have caught my eye

You are good looking and hot

You seem to be a nice guy

Which is why I like you a lot


10) You will never know

What flying on a cloud is like

You will never understand

What happens when Cupid strikes

You will never realize

What butterflies in the stomach mean

You will never comprehend

What it feels like to be a queen

For I’m feeling these things

Since that day I’ve seen you

This is not just a flimsy crush

My feelings are real and true

I like you