Goodbye poems for boyfriend

Cute goodbye card poem to boyfriend from girlfriend

21) I don’t want to say ciao

I don’t want to say tada

I don’t want to say goodbye

I don’t want to be blue

I don’t want to wish farewell

I don’t want to bid adieu

I don’t want to say see you later

I just want to be with you


22) I envy your family

And your holiday

While they spend time with you

From me you will be away

But once you are back

You will be all mine

Once I kiss and hug you

Everything will be fine



23) My boyfriend, my love

The guy who is the reason for my smile

Is going to pursue his dreams

He will be away from me for a while

I am sad, but I do realize

Like a bird, he needs to fly away

My heart says he will come back to me

I will desperately wait for that day



24) Don’t flirt with other girls

Don’t go out too much

In all the new glitz and glamour

Don’t forget my loving touch

Don’t make so many new friends

Don’t forget to miss me

I will be right here waiting

For you to come back baby



25) Some part of me says

That it is great that you are going

There is so much experience

For you that is waiting

Another part of me

Wants you to stay back here

For there are so many reasons

That I want you to be near