Goodbye poems for boyfriend

Sad goobye poem for boyfriend

11) I had a dream last night

Where I was all alone

Sitting by myself

Hurting from the bone

There was no one to

Wipe away my tears

I was crying and sobbing

Realizing my worst fears

This will be my sad state

After you go away

My heart will weep

Day after day



12) You aren’t just another guy

You are my handsome boyfriend

How do you expect me to smile

When my world is coming to an end

For you to return

I will wait with a desperate heart

Only once you come back

My life will get a fresh start



13) I hate your new job

I hate your new assignment

It has stolen away

All my enjoyment

I hate your fancy new title

I hate your bloated salary

Because it is going to keep

You away from me



14) A goodbye said with a smile

Always turns into a hello

The same thing will happen to us

That is what I very well know

A goodbye said with a hope

That you will be back soon

Is actually not a goodbye at all

In a disguise, it is a boon

For that distance can teach us both

Our relationship’s value

So say goodbye with a smile

And kiss me, I love you



15) Your girlfriend is pleading with all her heart

Begging you, not to go

You aren’t just her boyfriend

You are her life’s flow

If you listen to her pleas

She will be the happiest girl

Still, if you decide to go away

She will wait until you return in her world



16) No time difference

Can come between us

No physical distance

Can create a fuss

No matter how many problems

Crop up when we aren’t together

We will overcome them

One way or another



17) I am banking on the fact

That time will fly away

I only know that you will soon be here

In my arms to stay

This mantra should help me to

Kill time being apart

Goodbye and good luck

I will miss you with all my heart


18) Saying goodbye to you

Is not going to be that easy

I will have to wring my heart out

Which will be nasty

I will have to squeeze my eyes

Until they shed the last tear

Only then will I be able to

Say goodbye to you my dear


19) My heart right now

Has been split in two

One part will stay with me

And one with you

Take care of my heart

Till the time you aren’t with me

And when you come back

Return it safely



20) Every goodbye is a signal

Of a promising return

There will be a good outcome

Of all this emotional burn

Once you are back in town

A good job, you will claim

Armed with a college degree

Your life won’t be the same

That is the reason why

I am not devastated entirely

For I know that this step

Will seal our future’s security