First Anniversary Poems for Wife: Happy 1st Anniversary Poems for Her

Romantic first anniversary poem to wife from husband

First Anniversary Poems for Wife: Your 1st wedding anniversary calls for a grand celebration. You can splurge on a massive party with friends and family or you can whisk your wife away for a quaint romantic outing. Whatever you do, make sure you mark your marriage anniversary with a sweet poem that touches the right chords in her heart. Hold her hand, gaze deeply in her eyes and use the power of words to express your undying love. Let your cute rhyme speak volumes about how beautiful you think your marriage is. Top your romantic antics off by doodling quotes and messages on a heart-warming handmade card – it will become her life’s most prized keepsake.


1) There is a long way

That we still have to go

But I want to take it

Real sweet and slow

Savor each and every

Moment I spend with you

Hoping that you cherish

Such lovely memories too

Let’s bask in the joy

Of counting away

The blessings that life

Gives us every day

Happy first anniversary


2) Here’s applause for a wife

Who is so thoughtful and caring

Here’s a shout to a woman

So beautiful and so loving

Here’s a toast to a marriage

Truly made in the heavens above

Here’s a cheer to a bond

That is brimming with true love

Happy 1st anniversary


3) Twelve months have gone by quickly

Since the day we tied the knot

But nothing has changed at all

Just like before, I love you a lot

Moral of the first year of marriage

Is that time may hurry and fly

But nothing will change between us

Is a promise that I will live by

Happy 1st anniversary


4) An epitome of the perfect wife

That you may be

But a great human being

Is what you are, more importantly

This is what makes you

Not just my soul mate and my lover

But also, a woman who is

The world’s best life partner

Happy 1st anniversary


5) It hasn’t been smooth sailing

Each and every day

But despite the occasional fallouts

For happiness, troubles made way

We’ve had our fair share

Of fights, quarrels and arguments

But even during temper tantrums

We experienced tender moments

That just goes to show

That we are so compatible

I can’t help myself but say

That we are the world’s best couple

Happy anniversary


6) Whether it is big or small

Whether it is old or new

Everything in my life

Starts and ends with you

So, in my real life’s GOOGLE

If you were to search for the word LIFE

The first and only result will always be

A picture of you, captioned MY WIFE

Happy 1st anniversary


7) It has been only 365 days

But it feels like an eternity

Maybe it’s because our love

Was my life’s only destiny

The sands of time

Will keep playing their games

But never, will they ever

Be able to douse our love’s flames

With that in mind I make a promise

My dear, to you today

That the radiance of our love

Will never diminish, come what may

Happy 1st anniversary


8) The demons in my head

The nightmares I’ve had

The things I’ve feared

The habits that drove me mad

All of these have disappeared

Since you came in my life

Everything became meaningful

Since we became husband and wife

Happy anniversary


9) I’m clueless, I really don’t know

How I managed to get so lucky

The Gods must have smiled on the day

When you agreed to be my wifey

I am just an average guy

But you are a woman, so fine

Even today, I feel blessed to know

That you agreed to be mine

On our first anniversary, this is

The confession I have to make

Our marriage has been

The icing on my life’s cake

Happy 1st anniversary


10) Since the day when you walked down the aisle

I have been pinching myself to see if life was a dream

Everything seems so perfect, almost unreal

Just thinking about our marriage makes me beam

Tying the knot with you has turned out to be

The best decision I’ve made, by far

My life, what was once a dark night sky

Has now been illuminated by a bright star

Happy anniversary

Sweet anniversary poem wishes for her

11) Our love

Brings smiles on my face

Our marriage

Glorifies love’s grace

Our bond

Keeps troubles at bay

Our togetherness

Keeps me happy every day

Our passion

Never lets me feel stressed

Our anniversary

Makes me feel blessed

I love you


12) I haven’t seen anything more beautiful

Than how your face looks every morning

I don’t know of anything more blissful

Than how your voice sounds so comforting

I don’t believe anything can be more perfect

Than how our marriage is so compatible

I know that nothing can be more precious

Than how our love is so special

Happy 1st anniversary


13) In the last year

I hope I have lived upto

All the promises

That I had made to you

I also hope you’ve felt

That no matter what

I will fulfill your dreams

For I love you a lot

Today I want to assure you

On our first anniversary

That in every walk of life

You’ll be safeguarded by me

Happy 1st anniversary


14) I’m glad that marriage

Hasn’t marred our friendship

Or it hasn’t added seriousness

To our relationship

I’m glad that it hasn’t

Affected our spontaneity

Or the way we do things

In a way which is carefree

For all the years to come

I hope it always stays this way

Wishing you sweet remembrance

Of our wedding day

Happy 1st anniversary


15) The last one year

Is an example

Of how we can always

Keep our lives special

It is an illustration

Of perfect happiness

Which is bereft

Of pain and stress

All this was a prelude

Of what is to come

The rest of our lives

Will be so awesome

Happy anniversary


16) It has been one whole year

But I still can’t believe something

That I have a soul mate so perfect

Which means I have everything

I have the world’s most precious

Treasure, worthier than gold

In the form of my life partner

Who brings me happiness manifold

There is simply nothing more

That I can ask for from life

Since I already have

A loving and beautiful wife

Happy first anniversary


17) The best year in my life

Has been none other than this one

It is the time when I’ve had

The most amount of fun

The best time in my life

Is none other than this

With you as my wife

I feel nothing but pure bliss

Happy first anniversary


18) As colorful and bright

Our past year has been

I’m sure that the best

We have not yet seen

There are many more

Beautiful years up our alley

In anticipation let’s celebrate

Our first anniversary


19) To my dear wife…

You inspire me to give

You the very best

You invoke in me

Life’s vigor and zest

You motivate me

To bring the world at your feet

You make me want to

Conquer every defeat

Feelings of strength and power

In me you invigorate

You have given me

A permanent reason to celebrate

Happy first anniversary


20) The last twelve months of my life

Have been the happiest

The last forty eight weeks

Have been the greatest

The last three sixty five days

Have given me so much delight

In the whole of last year

Everything has seemed right

It’s all because of you

That my life’s calendar

Is effusing so much happiness

Everything has become better…

Happy anniversary

Cute 1st anniversary card poem for wife

21) Anniversaries come, anniversaries go

But my heartbeats for you will never slow

Anniversaries come, anniversaries go

But my feelings for you will always show

Anniversaries come, anniversaries go

But our marriage will always radiantly glow

Anniversaries come, anniversaries go

But my love for you will always grow

Happy anniversary


22) When we took our vows

We accepted each other

As partners in life

Who’d always be together

Even after a whole year

I can hear the wedding bells chime

With the best of friends and family

I remember having a good time

It seems like just yesterday

When we tied the knot

Maybe time has shrunk

Because I love you a lot

Happy anniversary


23) The wind is fragrant

I feel the clouds caressing me

There is something special

About this anniversary

There is magic in the air

With stars falling from the heaven

There’s not one reason for joy

But more than a million

If this is how every

Anniversary will pan out

I’ll be the happiest husband

In the world, without a doubt

Happy 1st anniversary


24) Since the day we got married

I have been loving my life

The reason for which is you

My sweetheart, my beautiful wife

Every moment of our married lives

Will continue to be blissful and heavenly

This is what I promise to you today

As we celebrate our first anniversary

I love you


25) To choose my life’s best year

If someone asked me

It would be tough to say

Which one it would be

Whether it would be the one

When we met for the first time

Or it would be the first year

Of our marriage, so sublime

Since this is a tricky call

I am just going to say

That being around you

Makes me happy, day after day

Happy anniversary