First Anniversary Poems for Husband: Happy 1st Anniversary Poems for Him

Beautiful anniversary poem about love and romance from wife to husband

First Anniversary Poems for Husband: Sprinkle your 1st wedding anniversary celebration with a pinch of love and romance by writing a beautiful quote that comes straight from your heart. Read these short poems so you can reflect on your own marriage. It will help you dig deep inside your soul and find the right words to say Happy Anniversary to your husband in a way that will leave him speechless. Don’t rely on the cheesy messages written on stock greeting cards. Instead, write something on your own. The phrases that resonate from your heart will be much sweeter and much more romantic than anything else. Just think of all the cute memories and funny moments that rocked your world in the last twelve months since you walked down the aisle to get married to the man who lovingly calls you, his wife.


1) I don’t want to open my eyes

It is a dream I have been living

I don’t want to pinch myself

Because it’s been so amazing

I don’t want this fantasy

To ever come to an end

The rest of my life, darling

With you, I want to spend

In a way that is the epitome

Of love, romance and passion

Because our love truly is

A pristine and undying devotion

Happy 1st anniversary


2) Take this as a caution

Or as an ultimatum

You have the responsibility

Of making my life awesome

Take this as a warning

Or a serious admonition

You better make my life

An unending celebration

For this is what I expect

From our marriage and you

Be rest assured that this is

What you’ll get from me too

Happy anniversary


3) Call it a benchmark

Or a milestone in life

Today is the first anniversary

Of us being husband and wife

Call it an achievement

Or a glorious accolade

All I know is that

I’ll never let the love fade

Call it the launch of a journey

Or the start of a new phase

What matters the most is that

I look forward to happy days

Happy 1st anniversary


4) No matter how big a bash

We throw for our first anniversary

It cannot be grander than

The beautiful life you’ve given me

No matter how many gifts we get

Or how many good wishes come our way

They cannot be compared to

The bliss in which we live everyday

Happy first anniversary


5) The whole of last year

Was a revelation

A beautiful journey

Full of joy and elation

It made me realize

That life can be this good too

And for that, the credit

Entirely goes to you

Here’s hoping that we

Continue living like this

Putting in our best efforts

To create harmony and bliss

Happy 1st anniversary


6) One year is just a number

Our relationship means much more

It cannot be measured

In numbers like two, three or four

We both are way beyond

Using an anniversary to measure

A marriage, that is nothing short

Of being a precious treasure

So putting the numbers aside

Here’s a toast to you and me

Darling, I wish you

A very happy 1st anniversary


7) The reason why

The past year has flown

Not even having

Made itself known

Is because when we are

In each other’s company

Time flows by

Just so seamlessly

May many more years

Will fly by just like this

As we wrap each other in

Passionate marital bliss

Happy 1st anniversary


8) We are still very young

We have a long way to go

And in this beautiful voyage

I want you to remember and know

That no matter what the situation

Whatever the circumstance

I will always be here by your side

Filling your life with love and romance

Happy 1st anniversary


9) People say things change

After the first anniversary

Couples show their true colors

And behave complacently

People say it’s just the start

Of a journey that is downward

Where couples stray away

And become wayward

But we will do everything

To make sure this doesn’t happen

No matter what the circumstance

Our marriage won’t come undone

Happy first anniversary


10) Making up

After every fight

Saying sorry until

Everything is alright

Kissing each other

Good morning each day

Compromising sometimes

And giving each other way

If these are the little things

That we continue to do

Things will be perfect

Between me and you

Happy first anniversary

Romantic 1st anniversary card poem to husband from wife

11) It doesn’t matter to me

If one year has passed or more

All I know is that you have made

My life leap and soar

Days, weeks, months and years

Will never make a difference

As long as you are there

To give meaning to my existence

Happy first anniversary


12) Just like this year

Every other year too

I plan to live my life

Like a honeymoon with you

For it does not matter

If it’s our first anniversary or not

What will remain eternal

Is that I will always love you a lot

Happy first anniversary


13) Our first date was awesome

Our first kiss was special

Our first adventure was fun

Our first vacation was memorable

Just like how every first of ours

Has been beyond expectations

Our first anniversary too will be

One hell of a celebration

Happy 1st anniversary


14) A short glimpse

A brief snapshot for you

A quick glance

A concise preview

The first year of our marriage

Was supposed to be

I’m sure you’re waiting for

The longer version excitedly

And that beautiful story

Is about to unfurl now

For you have got married to

A girl who loves you and how

Happy first anniversary


15) My happiness

I cannot contain

From expressing it

I cannot refrain

What I am feeling

Is pure ecstasy

For my life seems like

A beautiful reverie

If the first year is a prelude

No doubt, I expect

The rest of my marriage

To be absolutely perfect

Happy first anniversary


16) It still feels like

I am dancing

As if I still hear the bells

Of our beautiful wedding

All that euphoria

Still hasn’t died down

And our first anniversary

Has already come around

If such a celebration

Life continues to be

Then I will be living

The most romantic fantasy

Happy anniversary


17) An evil eye amulet

A good luck charm

I’ll have to wear something

To keep myself calm

For I’ve been wondering

How it can possibly be

That married life is so perfect

Without any difficulty

Wearing a symbol of luck

Will drive bad omen away

Keeping our marriage safe

Like how it’s been until today

Happy 1st anniversary


18) As we complete the first year

Of our marital voyage

I make you one more promise

And I take one more pledge

That I will always ensure

The rest of the years to be

As beautiful, new and exciting

As our first anniversary


19) Our first anniversary

Has already set the bar

We are meant to be happy

And reach for the stars

This is the standard level

Of happiness, that we must maintain

Irrespective of any stress

Anxiety or pain

On our wedding’s first anniversary

Let’s take up this challenging task

And vow that in happiness

We will always bask

Happy first anniversary


20) Thanks for giving me

Three hundred and sixty five days

Of so much happiness

With your lovable ways

I’m sure the coming years

Are going to be as happy too

And the only reason for that

Is because I married you

Happy first anniversary

Cute 1st anniversary poem for husband after wedding

21) Like the bubbles of champagne

I want our happiness to rise

Like a bottle of vintage wine

I want our marriage to be a prize

Like dark chocolate I want

Our love to be thick and viscous

Like caviar and truffles

I want it to be precious

In every way I want

Our marriage to be delectable

Because you and I

Are the perfect couple

Happy first anniversary


22) Like a sumptuous feast

My married life is going to be

Where each dish represents

A happy memory

Relishing each morsel

Laid out so delectably

I will enjoy all moments

Both sweet and savory

Happy first anniversary


23) From life’s crazy twist and turns

Exempt, is no one

But our marriage must be

One in a billion

Because the past one year

Has brought us only happiness

And there’s so much of it

That I can’t even begin to express

Happy first anniversary


24) I thought that the best feeling

I would ever have in my life

Was to get married to you

And be your wonderful wife

But I was a bit wrong

Is what I came to realize

Many other happy moments are still

Waiting for me as a surprise

Now I’m prepared for lots of

Amazing feelings to come my way

Here’s wishing you a happy anniversary

May we have an amazing day


25) Everybody calls us

A young couple who will grow

But there is something

That they do not know

The fact that we have already

Grown so much together

Inside out and thoroughly

The way we know each other

Let’s make it our habit

To prove other people wrong

By having a marriage which is

Beautiful and strong

Happy first anniversary