Birthday Wishes for Stepmom


Cute birthday wish for stepmom

Birthday Wishes for Stepmom: Stepmothers are not always evil as they are made out to be in books and movies. They can be as loving, caring and generous as real mothers too. Whether your stepmom is a part of your life because your parents’ divorce or your mother’s untimely death – accept that things have changed and move on. Wish her a happy birthday with a sweet greeting card. Send her a cute gift with a handwritten note, just like you would if it were your own mom’s birthday. Strengthen your ties by calling her or sending her a text message. If you already share a friendly relationship with her, ping her on Facebook with a funny quote and tease her about growing old. As her stepson or stepdaughter, do your bit and extend a warm hand of friendship and acceptance.


1) Loving your own kids is easy. Loving another woman’s children as your own is what makes stepmoms really special. Happy birthday.


2) Stepmothers are known to be wicked, cruel, malicious and cold. But you are an amazing woman with a heart of gold. Happy birthday.


3) You are dad’s second wife and my second mother, but your place in my heart is second to no one. Happy birthday.


4) Like a searchlight, you showed our family a way out of darkness. Happy birthday.


5) You are like the elder sister I never had and the best friend I always yearned for. Happy birthday.


6) Happy birthday to the stepmom who has always tried to fill the empty space in my heart, not my mother’s shoes.


7) Not every kid in the world is lucky enough to have two beautiful moms in one lifetime. Happy birthday.


8) A dark cloud in my life came when my parents got divorced. The silver lining came when I got a second mother like you. Happy birthday to my stepmother.


9) The society has painted stepmothers in such bad light because loving stepmoms like you are a rarity. Happy birthday.


10) I don’t know why stepmoms in movies are shown as mean, arrogant and rude. For me my STEPMOM is Superb, Tolerant, Empathetic, Patient, Mindful, Optimistic and Motherly. Happy birthday.


11) One step at a time, you curbed the anger in me. One step at a time, you made me your friend. One step at a time, you understood my dreams and one step at a time, you tried to fill my mother’s shoes. Thanks for everything, happy birthday.


12) I will never understand the difference between a stepmother and a biological mother because you have never shown me the difference between the two. Happy birthday ma.


13) You have always taken a step of love, a step of affection and a step of concern to make me feel loved. That is why I have never seen you as my stepmother, but always as my real mom. Happy birthday.


14) Happy birthday to the queen of disguise – an angel in the guise of a stepmom. Happy birthday.


15) You have never discriminated against me just because I am not your real child. Then why should I discriminate against you just because you are not my real mother? Happy birthday mom.

Sweet birthday message for stepmother to write in a greeting card

16) Bitterness with love, anger with calm, hostility with affection, in my life you’ve replaced every negative emotion. Happy birthday.


17) Sleeping Beauty was a lucky woman to find a handsome prince. But I am luckier to find a stepmother like you. Happy birthday mom.


18) I am your husband’s daughter from his ex. You are my father’s new wife. I’m glad we’ve never seen each other this way. Happy birthday.


19) You have proved that the stereotype of the ‘evil and wicked stepmother’ is a conspiracy to divide all the stepchildren and stepmothers of the world. Happy birthday.


20) Someone should make a movie about our lives so that the whole world can see that a stepdaughter-stepmom relationship can be fun and loving too. Happy birthday mom.


21) The word step has no meaning in my life – thanks to a loving mother like you. Happy birthday.


22) You are my half mother but my wishes for you can never be half-hearted. Happy birthday to my dearest stepmom.


23) You have proved that stepmoms are not just young gold diggers, trophy spouses or pretty bimbos. They can be devoted wives, committed mothers and amazing friends too. Happy birthday.


24) Good took away my mother but gave me a friend, sister, agony aunt and mentor in return. Happy birthday.


25) You are an awesome stepmother because you have always stepped up to all the responsibilities of your new home, new husband and new kids. Happy birthday, we love you mom.


26) DNA, pregnancy and genes – we don’t need these to connect us. Happy birthday.


27) You never treated me as a spare child, but as an extra blessing from God. Happy birthday.


28) We are not just a blended family, we have blended so well that nothing can separate us. Happy birthday.


29) Happy birthday to the woman who succeeded at the impossible task of making her rigid and stubborn stepdaughter love her.


30) You are one of the few lucky women in the world who got a loving husband and a daughter with the same marriage. And I am one of the few lucky men who got two moms in the same life. Happy birthday.

Beautiful quote for stepmom from stepdaughter

31) Your womb has never been my home but your heart will always be. Happy birthday.


32) I was ready to fight every battle with you. But you came and disarmed me with your love. Happy birthday.


33) You could have become the wall between dad and me, but you became the glue. Happy birthday.


34) You are not just my new mother, you are the most amazing mother ever. Happy birthday.


36) I am happy to have beaten dad to become your best friend in the family. Happy birthday mom.


37) A loving stepmother – it’s not an oxymoron, it’s my reality. Happy birthday.


38) God wanted to give me an awesome friend, cool sister and amazing companion at the same time – that’s why He gave me you. Happy birthday.


39) I know why every girl doesn’t like being a stepdaughter – that’s because not everyone has an amazing stepmom like you. Happy birthday.


40) Even though we are not related, calling you mom makes me elated. Happy birthday.