Birthday Poems for Mom

Dear mom poem from son or daughter

Birthday Poems for Mom: Your mother has worked tirelessly every day, week, month and year of her life after you were born – just to make sure that you have the childhood that you deserve. Make it up to her by being a loving son or daughter that she deserves. Write a sweet message on her birthday card to wish her happy birthday. Leave your greeting on the kitchen bench on the night before your mom’s birthday so it is the first thing she sees in the morning. Surprise her by fixing her breakfast and don’t forget to take lots of cute and funny pictures. Post the pictures on her Facebook and Instagram so that she can get some bragging rights about how cool and loving her kids really are. Pamper her all day long so that your mom’s birthday becomes a memory that will stay in her heart forever.


1) As I get older

As I grow wings and fly away

I see what it takes

To be a mom and save the day

As I become mature

As I learn the ropes of life

I see the sacrifices you make

To be a mom and a wife

Here’s to

The wonderful woman you are

You are not just my mom

The family’s brightest star

Happy birthday


2) You would be the strong roots

If I were a tree

In my life’s horizon

You are the endless sea

Mom, I don’t know how to convey

How much you mean to me

There is no limit to my love for you

You are my entire world, you see

Happy birthday


3) I don’t know if you earn more than dad

But I’m sure you work a lot more

Juggling your job and looking after your family

I can image how at the end of a day, you may feel sore

Don’t think that your efforts are going unnoticed

We all appreciated everything you do

We are always looking for ways to show our love

So that we can give back bit by bit, to you

We know you don’t expect anything in return

For all the hard work you do for us and dad

But we realize that it must take superhuman strength

To keep everyone happy and glad

So today, we celebrate your life

A woman who is not just a wife and a mother

But a woman who is beautiful and so loving

That just being around her is one of life’s treasure

Happy birthday mom


4) The only type of true and selfless love I know exists

Is the one a mother has for her child

I know, because I have been hugged and cuddled

Even when I was naught and wild

Mom, we love you tons and we realize

How you have cared for us even when we created a fuss

On your birthday today let’s take a moment to celebrate

The endless amounts of laughs you have given us

Happy birthday

Cute birthday poem for mom to put write a greeting card

5) Hearts would no longer be warm

Life, be buried deep in a storm

The world wouldn’t be round

Happiness, would nowhere be found

Spring wouldn’t be spring

Love, would be a forgotten thing

The skies wouldn’t be so blue

None of this, if not for you

Happy Birthday Mom


6) Like a candle you are, dear mother

Which burns and melts, to give light to others

In your warmth, I have always felt safe and secure

For all my worries, your love has been the ultimate cure

For all my life’s pain, you have been the ultimate balm

Happy birthday to my best friend who is also my mom


7) Happy birthday…

To the mother who never tires

To the mother whose love never expires

To the mother who is always so caring

To the mother whose warmth is never-ending

To the mother who lives for her family

To the mother who always keeps us happy

To the mother who is better than the rest

To the mother whose hugs are the best


8) This is a special message

For a person with a big heart and a lot of courage

Who tolerates me and holds me near

Even though I take her for granted most of the year

Your closest family and the best of friends

Are all here to lend

A helping hand with the prep, food and wine

To celebrate the birthday of a mother so fine

There is nothing more left to do

But to say cheers to a great mom like you

Happy birthday ma

Beautiful poem for mom mother you are an angel

9) All the difficult sacrifices

All the unwanted compromises

All the long days and late nights

Tolerating all my wrong and rights

All the years of work, so thankless

All the trouble and unwanted stress

All things mundane, rut of life

Being not just a mom, but also a wife

Thank you mom, but are words not enough

For being stronger than tough

Mom, you are an angel in disguise

You, are my life’s biggest prize

Happy Birthday


10) I believe that children’s upbringing has a lot to do

With the kind of people they grow up to be

I know because I consider myself to be kind and honest

Virtues I picked up by observing my very own mommy

I’m sure it is not easy to always set a good example

It must have taken many sacrifices and tough decisions

I realize what it must have taken you to give me a great childhood

Happy birthday mom, you are my biggest inspiration


11) The ship of my childhood

Would have been wrecked for good

If it weren’t for an anchor called mommy

Who held on to me when waters were stormy

Mom, you are a rock star

Without you, I would have never come so far

You are the best mom in the world, I know

My respect for you, I don’t know how to show

My life has taken shape, all because of your magical touch

Wish you a happy birthday, mom I love you very much


12) When I was a child

You made sure my birthdays were awesome

I kept expecting cool gifts and parties

Without knowing from where, the money would come

Not once, did you ever say no

To anything I asked for, ever

I can’t imagine how you did all that

As a working single mother

Now that I am older and more mature

I look back at those days

I feel blessed to have grown up under your wings

For you, there can never be enough praise

Happy birthday ma

Funny birthday poem for mom greeting card

13) Mommy, today is your day

I’ll do, as you say

Whatever, is your fancy

Until you, are happy

Birthdays come once a year

Make the most while its here

Because this, is one-time offer

In 24 hours, it’ll all be over

Happy birthday


14) If I had to write a few words for my mom

I would need to dig in my heart’s deepest corner

I’d pull out all the precious memories

And jot them down happily on a piece of paper

Growing up under her wings has been the best part of my life

Her love and patience helped me get over all my fears

While writing, I would probably shed a tear or two

I’d also smile, giggle and reflect on all those wonderful years

Nothing can compare to her protective presence

Her constant love passively nurtured me through my teens

Nothing can be enough to describe how much I respect her

After all, she is the one who gave flight to all my dreams

Happy birthday


15) Mothers are darlings, they can heal all hurt

They are always caring and generous, never rude or curt

My mother too is a gem of a woman

She is the reason my life is so much fun

On your birthday today let me confess

Without you, our family would have been a mess

How did you pull us all through, year after year

Without letting sorrow and anger come near

You are my super woman, the person I look up to

Here’s wishing a happy birthday to you


16) Here’s to the woman

Who makes us feel special every day

Here’s to the woman

Who pampers in every possible way

Here’s to the woman

Whose love is truly endless

Here’s to the woman

Whose motherly concern is limitless

Here’s to the woman

Who looks after us day and night

Here’s to the woman

Who we love with all our might

Happy birthday mom

Happy birthday mom greeting card you are inspirational

17) Dear Mom…

Your reassuring smile, is


The way you live your life, is


As a mother, you have been


Your love, has truly been


Happy birthday


18) I often sit and wonder how you chose to surrender

All your dreams for me, your sacrifices I can see

You gave me wings and made me fly

After every failure, you made me step up and try

You made sure that I was always the best

You taught me to focus on goals and forget the rest

I will always remain indebted to you

On your birthday, giving thanks is the least I can do

Happy birthday ma


19) Fresh like a daisy

Soft like a tart

Whenever you smile

You melt my heart

You personify

The word selfless

If not for you

My life would be a mess

Happy birthday


20) Writing an ode to you

Is the least I could do

To make that woman happy

Who tolerated me as a cry baby

You are my world to me, mother

Like you there could be no other

With every passing year you look so young

You are the family’s hero unsung

Happy birthday

21) I can’t even imagine the sacrifice it took

For you to be a wife, mother, worker and cook

Working hard, making sacrifices to keep me happy

From sending me to school to changing my nappy

From the expensive toys to trips to the zoo

There is no one else to thank but you

Happy birthday mom


22) All the gifts

In my Christmas stockings

All the toys

And all the clothing

It wasn’t Santa

I knew

All along

It was you

Thanks mommy

Thanks for everything

Whenever you are around

It always feels like spring

Happy birthday


23) Age can’t touch you

Because your beauty radiates from within

Mom, you are timelessly beautiful

You have an angel like aura on your skin

Love is the reason for your youthfulness

Which you keep giving to your family

Every day when I see your face

I feel lucky to have you in my destiny

Happy birthday


24) When I grow up I want to be

Exactly like my mommy

She is kind, sweet and beautiful

She is also loving and pretty

Nothing can take her place

In my life, not now or ever

I want to be exactly that kind of person

When I have my own daughter

Happy birthday mom

25) Are you an angel

Or a genie perhaps

You seem to have answers

To all of life’s traps

Are you a magician

Or a fairy in disguise

Troubles just wither away

When I look in your eyes

Maybe you are

An angel, genie, magician, fairy

All combined into one

Beautiful person called Mommy

Happy birthday


26) Sometimes we take your presence for granted

But today is not going to be that day

From sweet greetings to awesome gifts

We are going to pamper you in every way

Just sit back and enjoy the ride

As we, along with dad, spoil you silly

At your service, at your command

Just because we love you so much, mommy

Happy birthday


27) Our mommy is the strongest

Our mommy is the prettiest

Our mommy is the most beautiful

Our mommy’s love is warmer than wool

Our mommy makes the best food

Our mommy is never in a bad mood

Our mommy is never wrong

Our mommy is the best note in our life’s song

Happy birthday


28) Mom you can

Read me as if I were a book

You are my best friend

In life, and on Facebook

You have always shared with me

Whatever is best

I am your loyal follower

In real life, and on Pinterest

Mom, I just want to say

Happy birthday, wish a cute snuggle

You are trending

In my life, both virtual and real


29) Whether it was a Sunday or a Monday

Your love for me has always been constant

Whether you were happy or sad

Your attitude towards me has never been flippant

Whether I laughed or cried

You always hugged me tight

Whether times were good or bad

You always loved me with all your might

As I grow up, no matter where I go

Regardless of how far we are apart

You will always have

The softest corner in my heart

Happy birthday mom


30) To carry off my birthday treat for you

Is going to be really hard

First I will lovingly write a poem

On a beautiful greeting card

A short but heart-warming speech

I would also write

After giving you an awesome gift

I’ll take you out for dinner at night

Let me spoil and pamper you today

It will make me really happy

After all, I am all grown up now

This is my chance to treat you, mommy